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10 Steps to Overcome Language-Learning Barriers

If there is an indispensable part of daily life, its communication. Effective communication happens when the other person grasps the full meaning of what you tried to convey and respond in return. But do you find yourself going astray with your communication?  If yes, it is more likely to happen when you deal with a language that you are least familiar with.

Language barriers arise in such cases when two speakers belong to different language backgrounds or dialects. Such barriers may result in less or no communication at all. It can be a real challenge to erase these barriers, be it in the workplace or an ordinary setting.... Read More ...

EconoWin Couch Summit: No future without GEN Z

No future without GEN Z: GIZ and its virtual conference ‘EconoWin Couch Summit’ echoes the voices of a new female generation from North Africa, the Middle East and Germany

Cairo, Amman, Tunis, Casablanca, Rabat, Frankfurt, Berlin, 09.-17. June 2020. Through a series of 5 episodes girls and young women enter the debate with the leading companies of Middle East, North Africa and Europe. A new generation is emerging. Who are they? What do they aspire in life and in their future jobs? Are companies ready for them? 40 companies from North Africa, the Middle East (MENA) and Germany faced up to these debates, urgent enough with an eye on fundamental changes in the future labor markets.... Read More ...

What Should You Do If Your Salary Is Delayed?

Awaiting your monthly salary can be a stressful experience, especially if you have urgent payments to be delivered and responsibilities to be dealt with. However, the tension of waiting can be exacerbated once you realized that your salary’s due date has passed but it hasn’t arrived just yet. Salary delays, especially when unforeseen, can cause a lot of confusion and worry to arise, rendering employees clueless about what to do. The following are some steps that can help guide you in effectively responding to a salary delay.

Speak to Your Boss and Understand the Situation

Merely speculating about the reasons behind this can be quite detrimental, as your mind will resort to the worst case scenarios, causing stress to further mount.... Read More ...

Spark Career Day 2019 Concludes with the Attendance of More than 500 Beneficiaries

(Amman – 10th of November 2019)  Under the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Spark Jordan successfully launched its very own career day “Spark Career Day 2019” – organized by Akhtaboot – on Monday, 4th of November at the Landmark Hotel Amman with the attendance of more than 500 job seekers as well as the participation of 31 companies covering a wide range of industries and career options.

The career day targeted Spark’s educational grants beneficiaries, both Jordanians and Syrians, and provided them with more than 1,240 vacancies while giving them the chance to interact with company representatives to seek out possible employment opportunities in a wide range of fields and technical specializations relevant to their fields of study.... Read More ...

5 Snacks to Keep You Energized During the Workday

The degree of productivity we reach is ultimately the outcome of a multitude of habits, each of which is necessary and cannot be neglected. Without doubt, the food we consume is essential to maintaining our health and energy, which enable us to reap the most benefits while working and avoid procrastination. The following are a few examples of snacks that can give you a significant boost and recharge your energy to resume your work in the midst of a busy day.


There’s nothing more invigorating than snacking over fruits! They’re a healthy source of sugar and can serve as a great snack in moments when your energy runs low.... Read More ...

Spark Announces the Launch of Its Career Day 2019 – Organized by Akhtaboot

(Amman – 31st of October 2019)  Under the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Spark Jordan is proud to announce the launch of its 2019 Career Day, “Spark Career Day” – organized by Akhtaboot – on Monday, 4th of November 2019 at the Landmark Hotel Amman, “The Royal Hall” from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.

The career day targets Spark’s very own grant beneficiaries, both Jordanians and Syrians, who are looking to find competitive employment opportunities covering a wide range of fields and technical specializations, including but not limited to engineering, hospitality, healthcare management, retail and IT.... Read More ...

Tired of Your Desk?

Our surroundings can mold the outcomes of our work. Many employees feel uninspired by their work environment. It’s a natural reaction to get fed up with spending 8 hours at the same desk everyday. In addition to this weariness, restricting yourself to a certain physical environment may involve restricting your thoughts as well. Sometimes, taking a break from your desk can yield significant impacts on your motivation and spur your creativity. The following are a few of the numerous places you can seek out as an alternative to your desk for work:

Coffee Shops

Every city has an abundance of coffee shops you can visit to work.... Read More ...

Should you Adopt a Variable Pay Scheme?

In the highly structured and almost static state of work that exists in many contemporary corporations, it’s easy for employees to fall into a self-reinforcing cycle of demotivation and hence display minimal effort or even produce work of substandard quality. In attempt to rejuvenate office atmospheres, incentivize employees and create an environment in which workers continuously strive to better the caliber of their work, many corporations are adopting variable pay schemes. This is a pay plan in which employees are rewarded extra pay if their work surpasses the standards held by the company. However, this is contingent on whether or not the corporation reaches its goals and is capable of providing such compensations.... Read More ...

7 Things You Should NEVER Do on Your First Day at Work

You created a great CV, you impressed your employer in the interview, and you managed to get the job. Well done! But it’s not enough, you might ruin everything by leaving a bad impression during your probation period. Start off on the right foot by avoiding the below things on your first day at work.

Don’t arrive too early

Definitely, you should never be late on your first day at work. But it’s just as important not to arrive too early to avoid any awkwardness.

Don’t badmouth your former employer

No matter how annoying your previous boss or company were, never complain about them on your first day at work.... Read More ...

How to Respond to 4 Awkward Job Interview Questions

Jobs interviews can be very demanding and stressful, and you’re likely to feel apprehensive when you’re preparing for them. However, this worry often fades away as soon as the interview starts. Most job interviewees don’t have trouble answering the standard, generic questions, and their responses often flow smoothly. But what if the interviewer suddenly presented you with an unanticipated, difficult, and even personal question that catches you off guard? Being in a situation where you have to be quick to respond might cause you to feel awkward and at a loss for words. Although it might seem like the interviewers are out there to get you, such questions, if conveyed properly, can in fact open up employment doors and will give you an edge over other candidates.... Read More ...

Unconscious Biases in the Workplace and How to Become a More Gender Inclusive Employer

Unconscious Bias: what is it?

Unconscious biases are stereotypes that we form about certain groups of people outside of conscious awareness. This stems from our tendency to categorize and organize social groups based on shared characteristics.

Why does Unconscious Bias happen at work?

Unconscious bias and stereotyping appear at work when making hiring, promotion and compensation-related decisions.  Everything else being equal between a male and female employee, unconscious bias often leads to giving a higher compensation to the male employee.

Men are often – subconsciously – perceived as having more authority and potential, and therefore, they are given more opportunities to advance and thrive on the job.... Read More ...

ZenHR Solutions to Power the HR & Recruitment Processes of the Ministry of Information & Communications Technology Startups in Jordan

ZenHR Solutions, the revolutionary human resources solutions group has signed a partnership agreement with the Ministry of Information & Communications in Jordan to cover the HR and recruitment needs of their startups through ZenHR‘s Human Resources Management System (HRMS) and Akhtaboot‘s recruitment services.

His Excellency Eng. Mothanna Gharaibeh, the Minister of Information and Communications Technology said about this partnership: “We at the Ministry of Information and Communications are actively looking for ways to spread the culture of entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation in all of our Jordanian governorates. We are currently working to transform 80 knowledge stations into business incubators and business accelerators during the years 2019 – 2020, and the Ministry has already started implementing this project with the launch of 40 knowledge stations this year.”... Read More ...

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