You created a great CV, you impressed your employer in the interview, and you managed to get the job. Well done! But it’s not enough, you might ruin everything by leaving a bad impression during your probation period. Start off on the right foot by avoiding the below things on your first day at work.

  1. Don’t arrive too early

Definitely, you should never be late on your first day at work. But it’s just as important not to arrive too early to avoid any awkwardness.

  1. Don’t badmouth your former employer

No matter how annoying your previous boss or company were, never complain about them on your first day at work.

  1. Don’t be anti-social

Don’t eat your lunch alone on your first day, having lunch with colleagues is a great way to socialize and learn more about the company’s environment.

  1. Don’t engage in office gossip

While gossip exists in every workplace, try to distance yourself from employees who seem to be toxic.  Keep in mind that not everything you hear is true.

  1. Don’t be a know-it-all

Don’t try to show off on your first day at work. Unless someone asked for your opinion, then keep it to yourself.  Don’t start criticizing their old ways by suggesting new ways of doing things on the first day.

  1. Don’t share personal information

It’s definitely a bad idea to start sharing your personal information with your coworkers while you still don’t know if they’ll keep it confidential or they’ll turn it into a new topic for office gossip.

  1. Don’t dress unprofessionally

Make sure to research the dress code of the company and choose your outfit for the first day accordingly.