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How to Market Your Business on a Low Budget

Marketing your business can be quite hard when you’re on a tight budget. But it’s not impossible! Although traditional methods of advertising are considered to be quite expensive, small businesses are usually able to gain access to cost-effective marketing tools. So if you’ve got a limited marketing budget, you don’t have to worry, you can follow these simple tactics that won’t stretch your dollars:
Create Valuable Content
Creating valuable content is crucially important for starting any business. You can share your information across various channels and post them on blogs. Think of all the free traffic you’ll get, especially if you opt for guest blogging on another website or podcast.... Read More ...

How to Become Your Boss’ Dream Employee

Did you know that many employees would rather have a good boss than a good job? Considering how some employees  may spend up to 70% of their time working with their boss, it’s almost natural for them to aim to become their boss’ dream employee. Your boss will definitely help you grow in your career especially when you know that you are trusted by them. Do you want to become your boss’ dream employee? Then take the following tips into consideration:
Offer Solutions Not Problems
Your boss won’t really be impressed when you make a habit of pointing out problems rather than coming up with solutions.... Read More ...

Simple Things That Can Greatly Impact Your Career

Did you know that little things can actually have a huge impact on your career? Sometimes a simple act, a simple gesture can actually add up and contribute to a major change in your career. The business choices that you make every day can definitely affect the trajectory of your career. And you know what the best part is?  Those little things won’t demand much of your time or effort!
Invite a Senior Out For Coffee
Have you ever went out for coffee with a senior at the office? Believe it or not but sometimes informal meetings can actually be the most significant to your career.  ... Read More ...

Dear Recruiter, I’ve Got a Problem

Dear Recruiter,
I have completely lost interest in my job.  It’s been around three months since I’ve started to feel like my passion for work is slowly withering away.  It all started one morning when my manager handed me a new assignment and all I was able to hear was this ringing voice in my head saying  “I just can’t do this anymore”

I really loved my job at first. I had this growing passion for submitting my tasks on time, handing in flawless reports, and hearing the sought after “Great job!” from my boss. I used to go over and beyond to please everyone around me, and in particular, my boss.... Read More ...

Give Up These Bad Work Habits

We all have bad habits. Engaging in negative behaviors, won’t necessarily make you a terrible person, but they will reflect poorly on you. When you indulge in bad habits at the workplace, you will risk appearing unprofessional to others. Although a single bad habit won’t get you fired,  it could definitely disturb others around you, set you back, and reduce your work efficiency. This is why it’s time to kick these bad tendencies to the curb, and avoid the following work habits:
Complaining Without Taking Action
Do you ever feel the pressing need to vent at work? It’s natural to feel like you sometimes need to get a few things off  your chest.... Read More ...

How To Answer: Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

Do you get asked this question a lot: “Where do you see yourself in five years?” The interviewer would usually ask you this question in order to learn more about your career goals and future aspirations. Responding to this question can be quite tricky, because you’ll need to tailor your answer to suit the job that you are being interviewed for. This popular interview question will give hiring managers an idea of whether or not your career goals are in line with the company’s goals.
Keep Your Answer General
If you don’t know what to say, or if you’re not so sure about your career path, opt for keeping your answer quite general.... Read More ...

What to Do When You’re No Longer Passionate About Your Job

What would you do if your heart isn’t in your work anymore? The career that you once felt so passionate about now feels like a demanding chore. When you’re disinterested in your job, you won’t be fully engaged or involved at work. As a result, your work efficiency and productivity will decrease and deteriorate. If you’re tired of the monotony at work and you’re feeling much less passionate about your job, then it might be time to do something about it.  Akhtaboot shares with you a few tips that can help you if you feel like you’re no longer passionate about your job:
Assess What You Want
Our values will always touch core on who we are, what we want, and why we work.... Read More ...

Best Types of Jobs For Extroverted People

Are you contemplating the right career path for you? Believe it or not, but choosing the right career path goes beyond looking at the salary potential, job outlook or experience. It’s very important to feel like the career path you choose fits with your personality. If you’re an extroverted person, then you get energized by social events, you are comfortable amongst large groups of people, and you enjoy working with others. For these reasons, Akhtaboot – the career network has decided to share some of the best types of jobs for extroverted people:
Sales Representative
Sales representatives are responsible for selling products or services to customers or clients.... Read More ...

Why Am I Not Getting Hired at Job Fairs?

Have you recently attended one of Akhtaboot’s job fairs? Were you able to get an interview with the company of your choice? Job fairs can be a great place for recruiters to interact with jobseekers and discuss the job vacancies that are available at their organizations. However, quite too often, job fairs may not end fruitfully for some eager jobseekers. So if you’ve attended one of our job fairs and you’re wondering why you didn’t get hired, here are a few possible reasons:
Your Objectives Weren’t Clear
If your friends dragged you along with them as a last minute call to attend the job fair, and you were completely unprepared, then don’t expect yourself to get lucky!... Read More ...

I Love What I Do Because……

It doesn’t matter what you build, invent or sell; your company can’t move forward without its people. Companies that care about the happiness of their employees achieve much more than a feel good factor; they create more productive workplaces and loyal employees. In fact, not keeping a pulse on employee job satisfaction and happiness could negatively impact your bottom line! So we’ve asked our people at Akhtaboot what they like most about their jobs, and here’s what they said:



“I love what I do because it provides the perfect blend of challenge and freedom to think outside the box.... Read More ...

How To Bounce Back After a Bad Performance Review

No one really anticipates performance reviews; especially when you’re about to get a bad one. The fear and disappointment might give you shaky ground at first, but there’s nothing you can’t bounce back from. You may react to a bad review in a few ways. You may either get too defensive and deny the mistakes you’ve made. Or you accept your faults and decide to do something about them. Akhtaboot – the career network highlights a few ways you can bounce back after a bad performance review:
Set Goals and Create a Development Plan
Performance reviews can help you determine the areas that you need to improve in yourself.... Read More ...

Interview with Jobedu’s Founder, Tamer Al Masri and Manager of Merchmallow Jihan Kliebo

Akhtaboot – the career network, sat down with Jobedu’s founder, Tamer Al Masri and Merchmallow’s manager Jihan Kliebo to learn more about their startup business and how they managed to tackle some of the obstacles that they faced.

1) Tell us about Merchmallow and what inspired you to start this line of business?

Tamer: Merchmallow came to existence after Jobedu built a solid reputation for its high quality products. As a result, many people started to ask us to create customized merchandize for them. So we decided to build on the Jobedu brand by creating a sub brand called Merchmallow. Merchmallow specializes in producing high quality t-shirts for your brands, bands, events, as well as giveaways and much more.... Read More ...

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