Dear Recruiter,

I have completely lost interest in my job.  It’s been around three months since I’ve started to feel like my passion for work is slowly withering away.  It all started one morning when my manager handed me a new assignment and all I was able to hear was this ringing voice in my head saying  “I just can’t do this anymore

I really loved my job at first. I had this growing passion for submitting my tasks on time, handing in flawless reports, and hearing the sought after “Great job!” from my boss. I used to go over and beyond to please everyone around me, and in particular, my boss. Yet it eventually became clear to me, that my efforts are going unappreciated, and that was when I started to feel completely unenthusiastic about my job.

At this point, I find myself dragging myself to work with  the recurring thought “I think I want to quit“.  I have secluded myself entirely in the office, and I’ve stopped interacting with my coworkers.  I feel like I’m stuck in a deep rut, and I’m not so sure how to get out of it. I feel like this situation is slowly taking its toll on my mental and physical health.  I’m torn between two hefty decisions: quitting this job or sticking it out till things hopefully work out again.


Yours sincerely,

A Dazed and Confused Employee


The Answer:

Dear Dazed and Confused Employee,

Thank you for your letter. First of all, we all know that managing workplace stress is no walk in the park.  Feeling helpless and hopeless at work can be detrimental to your work morale. Second of all, the fact that your current job is making you feel mentally and physically unwell, is a major indication that something needs to be changed.

Lets explore your options now, shall we?  Identifying the reasons you lost interest in your job is critical to uncovering the root of the problem. It’s normal to feel like the lack of recognition is taking its toll on your self-worth, but it might be time to look into the type of appreciation you feel like you need to keep you motivated. What changed over the past few months that led you to feel this way? Has your manager changed? What about your team members?

After identifying the reasons, it might be time to seek for new opportunities. Nobody said starting over is easy, but if your employer isn’t easing your hardships, then it might be time for the next big step. If you feel like you’ve reached the end of a cliff and nothing seems to change your current situation at work (despite all your efforts) then it’s time to jump back into the job market and hunt for a new job.

However, if you’re unable to identify the reasons behind your despair at work,  then you might be experiencing something that stretches far beyond work dissatisfaction. Sometimes, we allow our personal problems to get in the way  and as a result, we blame our jobs for the way we feel. There’s no shame in taking some time to yourself to figure out the root of your emotional desolation. If you’re not able to find the answers yourself, then it could be helpful to seek some help from a trained professional who can pinpoint the specific reasons behind your work dissatisfaction.

I hope that when you figure out what’s wrong with your current position, you will know what specific aspects to look for in  your future endeavors. Whether you decide to look for a new job, or decide to give your job another shot, make sure that you always feel valued happy, and satisfied with both your personal and professional life.


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