Did you know that many employees would rather have a good boss than a good job? Considering how some employees  may spend up to 70% of their time working with their boss, it’s almost natural for them to aim to become their boss’ dream employee. Your boss will definitely help you grow in your career especially when you know that you are trusted by them. Do you want to become your boss’ dream employee? Then take the following tips into consideration:

Offer Solutions Not Problems

Your boss won’t really be impressed when you make a habit of pointing out problems rather than coming up with solutions. They probably already have their fair share of problems to deal with.  For these reasons, if you notice a problem in a certain department, don’t rush into your boss’ office to complain. Instead, opt for fixing the problem before approaching your boss. If you want to stand out to your boss, then show them that they can depend on you to solve problems and offer great solutions.

Beat Your Deadlines

It goes without saying, that if you want to impress your manager or boss, then beating your deadlines is the way to go. As stressful as deadlines could be, meeting them will give the impression that you’re a dedicated hard worker. When you constantly deliver your assignments on time, your boss won’t worry about meeting deadlines or delivering something the very last minute. Make sure you don’t wait to tomorrow to get something done. Beat your deadlines in advance, and enjoy the extra time by doing something productive.

Get to Know Your Boss

You’ll never really know how to be your boss’ dream employee unless you know them well. Start off by figuring out what they need from you and how they want you to deliver it. Figure out how your boss would like you to deliver updates or how we would like to have certain information conveyed in emails. Your boss will definitely appreciate your efforts when you try to get things done based on their preferences. Eventually, your boss will turn to you when in need, as they will feel that you will understand what they want and how they wish to get it done.

Don’t Expect to be Spoon-fed

As much as your boss will enjoy mentoring you, they will not want to spoon feed you all the time. Sometimes, there are things you just have to figure out yourself. You’ll definitely save your boss some valuable time if you find the answers to simple questions on search-engines, employee handbooks, or even by a co-workers.  

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