It doesn’t matter what you build, invent or sell; your company can’t move forward without its people. Companies that care about the happiness of their employees achieve much more than a feel good factor; they create more productive workplaces and loyal employees. In fact, not keeping a pulse on employee job satisfaction and happiness could negatively impact your bottom line! So we’ve asked our people at Akhtaboot what they like most about their jobs, and here’s what they said:



“I love what I do because it provides the perfect blend of challenge and freedom to think outside the box. Akhtaboot encourages continuous development and contribution from all employees.  All ideas are considered and everyone is encouraged to reach their full potential, and I get plenty of support to achieve that.” – Mais Gousous, Head of Marketing and Communications



“I love what I do because  I never seem to stop learning.  Every day presents itself with new challenges that really spike my interest in what I do. Considering how Digital Marketing is a new emerging field that is dynamically changing, it demands that I stay up to date with all technological changes and innovations, which enables me to keep testing new ideas that sometimes unfortunately fail. I love the flexibility that comes with this job, as it allows me to easily and successfully work remotely. ”

                                                                       – Rana Qubain, Digital Marketing Strategist



“I love what I do because I get to be part of a friendly and dynamic team that always strives for delivering great results. Being part of such a friendly environment has allowed me to grow and show my full potential as a Marketing Officer. I love how this job allows me to explore and experience all the different aspects of Marketing.” – Helen Zraigat, Marketing Officer



“I love what I do because I get to reach out to so many people with my content through a simple computer screen. As a content writer, I love engaging readers with topics and interesting content that they can relate to. Every day I challenge myself to be creative and bring something new to the table. What I love about my job  is not just the fact that I get to send a message across to all my readers, but how I also get to learn something new with every single article that I write.” – Fatima Rassool, Content Writer



“I love what I do because  film making is my passion. I also enjoy the process of developing and editing videos. Although what I do requires patience and hard work, seeing the final  creative outcome of my work gives me the most satisfying feeling.  I love the collaborative nature of my job as every video requires team work to see light which brings out the best in me.” – Asal Al Nasser, Video Producer 




“I love what I do because it’s the perfect mix of challenging tasks, great colleagues and a comfortable work environment. My job has allowed me to seek steep learning curves, which as a result, helped me develop and grow as a Marketing Officer at Akhtaboot.” – Haneen Ibrahim, Marketing Officer



“I love what I do because it allows me to be creative. As a Community Manager, I get to build relationships and connect with my audience through various channels. Social Media can serve as a great medium to improve customer experience, and I love how I can use my own skills and creativity to express our brand’s personality” – Ghazal Darwazeh, Community Manager



“I love what I do because I get to do what I love the most; to draw and create designs all year round. As a graphic designer, I’m a strong believer that “Practice Makes Perfect” and my job gives me the perfect opportunity to practice and improve my skills on a daily basis. I love my job because I get to see people’s interactions with my work on our social media channels. Last but not least, I love the environment that I work in and the people I get to work with day after day.” – Abeer Anabtawi, Graphic Designer



“I love my job because I get to experiment with design, digital media, websites, mobile apps and technology. It also gives me the opportunity to work with and learn from the best people in the industry. Over the past 5 years, I’ve developed my skills in so many aspects. I have acquired new technical skills, handled new responsibilities, gained new leadership skills and much more. Being part of a dynamic and caring team is also one of the top reasons why I love my job. Even though some days are more challenging than others, but at the end of the day I know that I’m blessed for being part of the Akhtaboot team.” Farah Saheb, Senior Graphic and Web Designer


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