Have you recently attended one of Akhtaboot’s job fairs? Were you able to get an interview with the company of your choice? Job fairs can be a great place for recruiters to interact with jobseekers and discuss the job vacancies that are available at their organizations. However, quite too often, job fairs may not end fruitfully for some eager jobseekers. So if you’ve attended one of our job fairs and you’re wondering why you didn’t get hired, here are a few possible reasons:

Your Objectives Weren’t Clear

If your friends dragged you along with them as a last minute call to attend the job fair, and you were completely unprepared, then don’t expect yourself to get lucky! Before attending any job fair, you target must be clear. You must know the list of companies attending the job fair, and the job position you’re looking for. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make as a job seeker is to apply for a vacancy you’re not even qualified for. If you don’t have a clear objective for attending the job fair, then you won’t end up with any fertile results.

You Didn’t Do Your Research

Before attending any job fair it’s crucially important to do your research. Make sure that you read about the companies that are attending the job fair, and the industries that are available. When you research ahead of time, you will know which specific companies to approach and you won’t waste your time by reaching out to every single attending company aimlessly. It could also be very helpful to look at a company’s website in advance to see what job vacancies are available and whether or not you meet all the requirements.

You Were Not Well-Prepared

Many job seekers are under the impression that if they dress smartly at a job fair, they can easily land a job. But that’s not the case. Preparing yourself for the job fair isn’t only about looking the part, there are other factors that you must take into consideration; such as bringing a hard and soft copy of your CV. Check your attitude, are you optimistic? Companies do not like to be approached with angry and pessimistic job seekers. Practice and prepare a brief introduction, as it will help you feel more confident when you approach a company’s recruiter.

Show Companies that you are Interested in Them

Companies are more interested in candidates who show interest and enthusiasm about their vacancies. Prepare a few questions that you’d like to ask the company’s representative. Questions such as “What skills do you look for the most in a candidate applying for this position?” or “What sort of education background do you look for in a candidate?”This can help you gain some helpful insight about the position that spiked your interest.

Your CV Was Weak

Your CV serves as an identification when you apply for jobs. First things first, you must keep in mind that your CV must not only include  your personal information,  but also your career objective, education, experience, skills, and finally, your references. Considering how many recruiters have to screen through hundreds of CVs, they know how to spot a good CV in a matter of seconds. Keep your CV short, as recruiters don’t enjoy reading CVs jammed with blocks and blocks of information. Make sure that your objectives are clear and genuine!

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