Working your way up the corporate ladder

Any top professional would tell you that the key to becoming CEO is to have certain leadership characteristics that set you apart from the crowd. Typically those who have the vision, determination, integrity, and respect for everyone in the workplace end up landing the high profile jobs. But is there a certain plan to follow in order to become CEO? Since very few of us are born leaders, you need to make a conscious effort to facilitate the development of your own leadership skills. Here are a number of qualities you are going to need to become a competent CEO:

Knowing Where You are Going – The best leaders lead by example. They set the direction by helping others see the greater vision.

Having The Personality Traits – Your own personality plays a major role in your ability to become CEO. Being ethical, authentic, open, and flexible are a few traits of leaders people want to follow.

Connecting With Your People – Great leaders always try to understand their people. They want to know how they feel, what motivates them, and the best way to influence them.

Bringing out the Best in Your People – Being a leader is all about helping your people grow. Your ability to motivate a diverse group of people is what will determine your success as a CEO.

Working Your Way Up – Working your way up through the ranks may give you an edge as most CEOs are usually hired internally.

Written by:
Ashraf Mraybeh
Country Manager – Jordan at Akhtaboot – the career network