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Making the Best University Choices That Will Support You in Your Future Career

Nowadays, employers are adding great emphasis to university education when recruiting. Your university choices have become the most influential determinant of your career path. When filtering candidates for a certain vacancy, employers tend to consider university education as a preliminary method of eliminating applicants. There is a multitude of factors you must take into account when applying to universities in order to ensure that you avoid any rejections from potential employers. The following are a couple of useful tips that we recommend to consider when applying for universities:
Choose the Right Major
First and foremost, choose something that you are passionate about.... Read More ...

5 Things You Need To Know About Yourself While Looking For a Job

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a senior level executive, searching for a new job can be a challenging transition in your career. The good news is that you always have a better chance of succeeding when you put in the time and effort to understand yourself, your goals and your values. What you know about yourself and what makes you more productive affects your job search and how others perceive you. With that kind of awareness, you will be able to better position yourself for your dream career. The earlier you start the better. Akhtaboot highlights 5 things you need to know about yourself while looking for the perfect job.... Read More ...

The Path to Becoming a CEO

Working your way up the corporate ladder

Any top professional would tell you that the key to becoming CEO is to have certain leadership characteristics that set you apart from the crowd. Typically those who have the vision, determination, integrity, and respect for everyone in the workplace end up landing the high profile jobs. But is there a certain plan to follow in order to become CEO? Since very few of us are born leaders, you need to make a conscious effort to facilitate the development of your own leadership skills. Here are a number of qualities you are going to need to become a competent CEO:

Knowing Where You are Going – The best leaders lead by example.... Read More ...

The Right Career Path for your Personality Type

Find out which type of career best suits your personality.

Many people choose their career paths for all the wrong reasons; they could be influenced by their parents, or they could be passing time until they figure out what they really want to do but end up in the same job for tens of years. When it comes to identifying a suitable life partner, we all look for someone with compatible personality traits. You should do the same thing when choosing your career. It’s a known fact that your personality type may be better suited for one career path over another and more often than not, if you choose a career that doesn’t suit your character you become confused, unhappy and will end up switching jobs.... Read More ...

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