You rarely find people who are extremely happy and comfortable at the job they are in. Most employees are either unhappy with their manager, want a better salary, need more challenging tasks, or they’re simply looking to change their career path. But how hard are they trying to find that ‘ideal’ job everyone is dreaming about? Here are a number of smart ways to stay on the lookout for a better job!

Online Recruitment Portals 

Online recruitment portals can be of great value in providing you with fresh job content on daily basis. Akhtaboot for example provides job seekers of all career levels and industries with hundreds of jobs all over MENA. All you have to do is create an account, fill out your basic information and upload your CV. You need to keep checking the website for new jobs, constantly update your profile and CV and only apply to job vacancies that match your qualifications. Avoid sending random job applications even if you desperately need a job as this will give a bad impression about you as a professional!

Social Media Platforms 

Social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have become a major networking tool for both employers and job seekers. Such channels provide an amazing platform to interact with actual recruiters, decision makers or company influencers. Many organizations nowadays will search for you before calling you in for an interview. Thus by maintaining a presentable online presence including the pictures you have and the posts you share you can impress potential employers and increase your chances of landing a great position.

Personally Handing in Your CV 

Many people are not fine with the idea of going in door to door in order to hand in their CVs to companies; however, some employers think that this shows that the candidate is confident and determined to land the job. Going to companies gives you the chance to meet employers face to face to discuss certain matters and to indirectly promote yourself and your skills.

Personal Referrals 

Networking and the size of your personal network play a major role in helping you find a new job. The people you know can give a good word about you if a vacancy at their companies occurs. A personal referral from an acquaintance can be the deciding factor between you and someone else.

Never Give Up & Stay Positive 

In today’s competitive marketplace, we understand the frustration you may feel when no one ever calls or even gives your CV the time to read it carefully. Many job posts require one person only; yet thousands of eager job seekers apply. You need to create your own luck and make sure that your CV is well-written, has all the relevant keywords and that it summarizes your experience in an impressive way. Stay positive and remember that every “NO” will bring you one step closer to the next “YES”!

Written by:
Tala Al Qudah 
HR Specialist at Akhtaboot – the career network