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From Intern To Employee

It’s not easy being an intern. You know the drill; you end up with piles of work that you need to finish in a short amount of time, and most of the time, you do it without any payment. Most interns don’t really mind working unpaid internships, and for the most part we do it solely for the great experience. But what if you’d like to turn your internship into an actual job?
It’s not as hard as you might think, I did it myself and found it to be much easier than I expected and entirely enjoyable. 

Show your Commitment
Just because it’s an unpaid internship doesn’t mean you can come and go as you please and not be as productive as everyone in the office, that itself is a huge faux pas at the workplace.... Read More ...

Planning your Day at Work

Get more done with these time management tips

Many of us believe that working beyond the regular working hours is the best way to stand out at work. But the problem arises when your work-life balance gets affected which will eventually lead to burnout and health-related issues on the long run. The key to managing your work day is to plan it right from the beginning. You need to train yourself to manage all the input and tasks in a healthy manner. Akhtaboot is here to help you put your work-life balance in check with the following time management tips.

Make Priorities

We are always on the look for ways to achieve multiple goals at the same time.... Read More ...

Infographic: The Power of Vacation on Employees’ Performance in the MENA Region

66% of employees in the MENA region do not use all of their annual vacation days! How does this affect their performance, productivity and happiness at the workplace? What happens to their stress level if they don’t take a vacation for a whole year?

All of these questions and many more are going to be addressed by Akhtaboot’s Infographic “The Power of Vacation on Employees’ Performance in the MENA Region.”

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... Read More ...

Lost Interest in your Job?

Here’s what to do to reignite the Spark
It’s so easy to get stuck in your daily routine to the point that you start losing interest in your job. If you’ve been dreading going to the office for quite some time that it started affecting your personal life in a negative way, then maybe it’s time you took control of the situation. We all go through phases of boredom at work. During those times, you might lose perspective on why you’re doing what you do and you may feel like you are trapped in a meaningless, never-ending job. The good news is that, in most cases, this is a temporary feeling.... Read More ...

Boosting your Confidence at Work

Self-confidence plays a crucial role in many aspects of our lives. The lack of it can obviously stand in the way of your career success. If you usually come across as nervous, hesitant, and overly apologetic, chances are you’ll miss out on so many opportunities at work. On the other hand, if you have the ability to convey your thoughts and opinions in a persuasive way, you will pave your own way to success. The good news is that you can boost your confidence and build on it. Akhtaboot provides you with some confidence-boosting tips to help strengthen your personal brand and boost your morale at work.... Read More ...

Creating the Best Workplace

When describing the perfect company often look at external factors such as the size of the company, the job description and the compensation package. But we underestimate the importance of evaluating the actual workplace. Instead we should assess the company based on how it nurtures individual differences and most importantly fosters amicable relationships amongst all employees. At the end of the day, the workplace becomes your second home, and that’s why it is imperative to feel that you are accepted and in harmony with the company’s dynamics. Akhtaboot highlights the different aspects that will allow an organization to create the most productive and rewarding working environment.... Read More ...

Career Suicide Mistakes

There’s plenty of advice out there on how to increase self-productivity, climb the corporate ladder, and succeed. But a few articles talk about the top career mistakes that you might not be aware of doing that certainly sabotages your professional career. Since finding your dream job is a lifelong journey, avoiding career mistakes is important to your career success. You should always be aware that you can easily destroy your career if you make them. Akhtaboot is here to highlight the top career suicide mistakes that can destoy your career and stand in the way of your future job prospects.

Mistake #1: Letting Your Work Speak for Itself

When it comes to building a successful career, hard work is the answer.... Read More ...

Infographic: Evaluating the Effects of Multitasking at the Workplace

Given the highly interactive Internet era we live in, many employees are dwelling in a sea of information with too many distractions. Akhtaboot evaluates the effects of multitasking at the workplace; does it disrupt employees’ short term memory? Are employees able to resume work immediately after interruption? Does multitasking increase employees’ stress levels? Do they make more errors while multitasking? Take a look at the infographic below which provides interesting facts of multitasking at the workplace.

... Read More ...

Arab Woman Mag Launches Career Section Powered by Akhtaboot

Amman, Jordan

Akhtaboot – the career network partners with Arab Woman Mag to power their own careers section with Akhtaboot’s Microsite Solution. The Microsite solution, is a revolutionary service powered by “Akhtaboot Cares Initiative” – Akhtaboot’s CSR arm, which provides Arab Woman Mag readers and website visitors with Akhtaboot’s full job content in a fully integrated and branded jobs section displayed directly onto the publication’s online career page.

Arab Woman Mag visitors will be able to benefit from the full features of Akhtaboot’s website through the fully branded Microsite link by simply creating a job seeker profile along with the ability to apply to hundreds of jobs for free.... Read More ...

How to Stop Multitasking

Given the highly interactive Internet era we live in, many employees are dwelling in a sea of information with too many distractions. Studies have confirmed that multitasking not only reduces productivity at work, but it also makes less efficient and prone to making mistakes. It also pushes your brain to work harder which can have a long term effect on your memory. The key to producing high quality work in today’s demanding workplace is to know when to slow down. You need to train your brain to manage all the input at once. Akhtaboot is here with a number of tips to help you stop multitasking at work and to help manage your tasks more effectively.... Read More ...

4 Email Etiquette Tips for Job Seekers

Email has become the main form of business communication, and that’s why knowing the proper etiquette for email job search is without a doubt crucial for the success of your career search efforts. Sticking to the basic protocol of email is extremely simple and once you get accustomed to it, it will become second nature to you. But it’s this convenience that can lead to making embarrassing mistakes. Making a major email mistake when applying for jobs can significantly ruin your chances of landing the job you want. Fortunately, email etiquette can be easily learned and once you master it, you can boost your career potential.... Read More ...

How Perfectionism Can Be Bad For You

The pitfalls of perfectionism

Perfection can be a standard that most companies aim for, but once it becomes the only standard accepted within the company, this is when it becomes unhealthy. When you set perfection as the standard for all of your employees’ objectives, you are placing unnecessary pressure on your people. You stand in the way of them trying new things, taking risks, and making mistakes. The necessity of self-acceptance becomes impossible and this lack of acceptance is used as a standard for others’ performance as well. Akhtaboot is here to highlight the pitfalls of perfectionism and how it may be holding you back at work.... Read More ...

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