Get more done with these time management tips


Many of us believe that working beyond the regular working hours is the best way to stand out at work. But the problem arises when your work-life balance gets affected which will eventually lead to burnout and health-related issues on the long run. The key to managing your work day is to plan it right from the beginning. You need to train yourself to manage all the input and tasks in a healthy manner. Akhtaboot is here to help you put your work-life balance in check with the following time management tips.

Make Priorities

We are always on the look for ways to achieve multiple goals at the same time. While it might seem easy to work on two routine tasks at the same time, doing two tasks that are both complex, will push your brain to work harder and can have a negative effect on your productivity. The key to avoid heavy multitasking is to give priority to the heavy tasks that need your full attention. Once those tasks are done, you can go back to juggling the routine work that requires minimal effort and creativity.

Learn How to Delegate

Recognizing the importance of delegation at work can make your life easier and more organized. The first step in effective delegation is to outline expectations clearly to ensure that the task will be performed perfectly. While it might be hard not do the work yourself, always remember that the people you work with can be as competent as you are, therefore, you need to trust them sometimes to do things right. Remember that your way isn’t the only way!

Eliminate Workplace Distractions

In today’s fast paced world, staying focused has become more challenging than it ever was before. Between constant email alerts, phone calls, text messages, social media and co-worker interruptions, it’s surprising that we can actually get things done. There’s nothing wrong with taking a 10-minute break to clear your mind from heavy tasks. You can schedule time within your day to check your social media channels. The key here is to not get carried away.

Schedule your Breaks

Research shows that working non-stop for long hours can take a great toll on your performance. If you feel that your productivity is decreasing, it might actually mean that you need to take more breaks to recharge your energy. While most people consider checking their social media feeds a break, they’re not going to be nearly as refreshed as they would be if they took a real break outside the office. You need to get up and move around to get the blood flowing and clear your mind. In fact, many companies allocate a quiet space for their employees to relax and clear their minds.

Plan your Meetings

Meetings cannot be avoided, but they are often ranked by employees among the top time wasters at work. Most of the time, meetings are poorly run and lack structure as well as discipline. Since meetings cannot be escaped, you need to plan them right. As a rule of thumb: don’t schedule a meeting for something that you can solve in a phone call, and don’t make a phone call for something that can be communicated in an e-mail.


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