Have you been job hunting for quite some time, but it just seems like all your efforts are going to waste? Are you waiting by the phone expecting a call for a job interview? It’s normal to contemplate starting your own business when all else seems to fail. It would be easier wouldn’t it? Nothing seems more glamorizing than running your own business. The truth is, many job seekers find themselves in this conundrum: “Should I find a job or just start my own business?” Before you decide on an answer, ask yourself the following questions:
What Sort of Experience Do I Have?
Before making any hasty decision, it’s crucially important to see whether or not you are prepared to become an entrepreneur.  It’s a known fact that starting your own business will require you to have the necessary experience and knowledge. If you’re inexperienced, afraid of taking risks, and you do not have the necessary skills to become an entrepreneur, then maybe you should opt for finding a job and cultivate more experience, before deciding on starting your own business. If you’re an employee contemplating starting your own business, talk to your CEO. Ask them for some advice or for some valuable insights.
Am I Financially Capable of Starting My Own Business?
It goes without saying that starting your own business will require money. A lot of it. Starting your own business will not only stop at investing in a land, store or product. It’s about starting a whole new foundation. Do you have the financial capability to pay your employees, hire a financial consultant, or buy your own office? If you feel like you have the experience, knowledge, and financial capability, then try to plan out how you intend to start your own business. If the plan seems feasible, then by all means, put it to action!
Can I Manage Money Wisely?
When you’re an employee, you know that the only financial risk you’re going to take is how much you’re going to spend on a night out with your friends in the weekend. When you’re a business owner, you are responsible for the risks you take, which might either lead to financial ups or downs. Are you willing to take business classes, and learn financial management skills? If you feel like you can manage money in a wise and mature way, then you might be able to handle starting your own business.