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10 Articles from Akhtaboot to Help you in Your Job Search

If you’re still job-hunting with no results, maybe it’s time for change! Akhtaboot provides you with its top 10 read articles to help you in your journey:

4 Email Etiquette Tips for Job Seekers

Email has become the main form of business communication, and that’s why knowing the proper etiquette for email job search is without a doubt crucial for the success of your career search efforts. Sticking to the basic protocol of email is extremely simple and once you get accustomed to it, it will become second nature to you. But it’s this convenience that can lead to making embarrassing mistakes.... Read More ...

Should You Find A Job or Start Your Own Business?

Have you been job hunting for quite some time, but it just seems like all your efforts are going to waste? Are you waiting by the phone expecting a call for a job interview? It’s normal to contemplate starting your own business when all else seems to fail. It would be easier wouldn’t it? Nothing seems more glamorizing than running your own business. The truth is, many job seekers find themselves in this conundrum: “Should I find a job or just start my own business?” Before you decide on an answer, ask yourself the following questions:
What Sort of Experience Do I Have?... Read More ...

Things You Should Stop Saying to Your Unemployed Friends

Weekends and holidays are a great time to meet up with a few friends and catch up on a few things. You may catch up on the job market, the weather, a great blockbuster movie, or maybe even your job. Now for your unemployed friends, hearing all about your job may put them at unease; especially if they’ve been job-hunting for a very long time and they’re not exactly unemployed by choice. It goes without saying, that it definitely makes a sensitive subject to open up. For these reasons, in order to avoid putting your unemployed friends in a sensitive situation, we have summed up a few things that you should avoid saying to them:
“You’re so lucky you don’t have to go to work!”... Read More ...

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