Do you shy away from asking for help? Do you feel like asking for help will illustrate a sign of weakness? Sometimes, we don’t like to look incompetent when we ask for help. The truth is, not asking for help will not only affect you as an employee; it will affect your team as well. When you don’t ask your manager or colleagues for help, your work productivity and morale will deteriorate. So here’s how you’re affecting yourself by not asking for help:
You Lose Trust
Do you have a challenging task coming ahead? Do you feel like you have absolutely no idea how to get it done? The truth is, if you avoid asking your colleagues or manager for help, the task will only get harder, and completing it will be nearly impossible. It’s normal to try and figure things out on your own sometimes, especially when you don’t want to bother your colleagues by asking them frequent questions. However, when you start to realize that your efforts are going to waste, you’ll have to pack up the courage and ask your supervisor for help.

When you try to do everything on your own, you will keep your team and everyone else out of the loop. This will raise some concerns especially when your work can affect other projects. When you keep things from your manager, you will lose their trust. Always opt for saying the truth, even if you have to admit your incapability of getting something done.
You Miss The Opportunity to Grow
Growing up, I’m sure you’ve heard this a lot “You learn from your mistakes”. This statement can particularly apply to your job as well. Mistakes will make you more diligent with your work. You’ll learn to become more attentive and careful as an employee in order to avoid making any additional errors in the future. When you don’t ask for help, a mistake you’ve made on your own may go unnoticed for a while, only to spiral out of control in the future and affect your team’s work.

When you don’t seek out your colleague’s advice or help, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to learn new things that can make your job so much easier. Your colleague can share some tips and shortcuts that can help you get your work done in a shorter amount of time.
You Seclude Yourself
When you give the impression that you don’t need any help, advice, or guidance, you will only push yourself away from the rest of your team and appear unapproachable. Your colleagues might start to get the wrong impression of you and assume you are either anti-social or don’t enjoy working with them. As a result, when you seclude yourself, you make it harder for people at the office to reach out to you or work with you on a certain task.