One of the best ways to get honest insight about your company and work environment is to conduct formal exit interviews with employees who have officially resigned. Exit interviews can give you meaningful information that you wouldn’t have had the chance to know otherwise. You can then make calculated changes in the environment of the company by modifying the management style, and creating employee retention programs where needed. You will also learn how to establish job expectations and align training to those expectations which is crucial to retaining newly hired personnel. Akhtaboot is here to help you conduct successful exist interviews to make things better for the new people coming in.

Make Employees Feel Comfortable

To make sure that your exit interview is as effective as possible, you need to make sure that you create a safe and amicable environment. You’re more likely to get the information you need to know by asking open-ended questions rather than multiple choice questions. By listening closely to the employee while trying not to corner them with sensitive questions, you will get more details about candidates and their real reasons for leaving.

Who Should Conduct the Interview?

The interviewer doesn’t have to be an HR person. A manager or any other experienced neutral party that the employee respects and trusts could also handle the exit interview. Employees are more likely to cooperate if they are on good terms with the person who is conducting the interview. The interviewer needs to be trained to listen carefully and empathetically. The interview can become very emotional, so managing the pace in a smart way is a must-have skill.

Respect your Employees’ Privacy

Many employees withhold information during exit interviews as they prefer to leave on good terms with their managers and the people they used to work with. After all, the manager is the one who will be providing the references. Make sure that you respect the departing employee’s privacy by promising confidentiality while offering a detailed explanation of how their privacy will be protected. Explain how their feedback will be of great value to enhancing company operations and the position itself.

Apply the Lessons Learned

Exit interviews fail when you don’t put the knowledge gained into action. Work with your management team to develop an action plan to incorporate the information you received from exit interviews in your company’s hiring and cultural change programs. Try to come up with a unified exit form so you can compare the different answers. If you notice patterns emerging, consider what needs to be done to prevent any further losses in key employees.

Express your Appreciation

Inform departing employees that their feedback will be integrated into your company’s human resources plans and that their input and contributions are valuable. If the employee makes a valid suggestion, it is highly recommended that you send a thank you letter highlighting the action plan and enhancements based on their recommendations. Such small, inexpensive gestures can also have a long term impact on your company’s reputation. Remember that the employee may still be in touch with his coworkers at your company and he might inform them about the value their company places on suggestions for improving the workplace.


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