(Amman, Jordan)

Akhtaboot – the career network is proud to announce the launch of the first “Akhtaboot Job Fair for People Living with Disabilities 2016” in partnership with the Higher Council For Affairs Of Persons With Disabilities, on the 9th and 10th of May 2016 at Amman Grand Hall, Al Hussein Youth City.

This job fair aims to empower this understated group by giving them an opportunity to increase their participation in the Jordanian workforce, and thus increasing their contribution to their households. This career fair aspires to become Jordan’s leading recruitment event for people living with disabilities by connecting them with leading local and international companies with real job opportunities.

The idea of the job fair stems from a report conducted by Higher Council for Affairs of Persons with Disabilities (HCD) in cooperation with the Department of Statistics (DoS). The report put the disability rate in Jordan at 13%of the entire Jordanian population, with about 9.9% of people with disabilities aged 18 and above being unemployed and actively looking for jobs.

CEO and Cofounder of Akhtaboot, Mr. Yousef Shamoun said:

We aim to build a sustainable event that specifically caters to people with disabilities while leveling the playing field in terms of providing them with an equal opportunity to access the Jordanian job market. With 70% of the Kingdom’s population being under the age of 30, employment presents one of the most pressing national issues. There is an urgent need in Jordan for utilizing tools that would contribute to bridging the gap in unemployment rates in general with the inclusion and focus on certain groups such as people living with disabilities.

ProgressSoft’s CEO, Mr. Michael Wakileh said:

We are determined to help smart and talented young Jordanians with disability, live the life they choose by providing them with an indispensable job opportunity and utmost support, and we aim to tap this potential source of associates so they gain independence, learn, develop and achieve their ambitions.

Akhtaboot Job Fair for People Living with Disabilities 2016 will be held as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of “Akhtaboot Cares Initiative” along with the participation of a number of leading companies in Jordan, covering multiple sectors. All participating companies must have open vacancies specifically targeted towards people living with disabilities.

The main sponsor of this job fair is ProgressSoft Corporation, a leader in real-time payment solutions for the financial and banking industries, currently working with 350 banks and central banks in 24 countries around the world. ProgressSoft takes special care of its employees, offering them an unmatched working environment that embraces creativity, productivity and a great sense of belonging.All of which, housed in a state-of-the-art building that is run by advanced building management systems, and provides a nursery for the working mothers, cafeterias, vending machines, and an online food-ordering system, in addition to a gym, an entertainment room, and much more.


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