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3 Effective Habits of Successful People

Many attempt to define a successful person as one characterized by passion, resilience, tenacity, responsibility, skill, discipline, independence, etc…We could go on and on. While all such attributes are commonly associated with prosperous people, what many fail to consider is that they are mostly acquired and are difficult to maintain. So, how is it that the most productive people in the world manage to gain and sustain such qualities? What gives them the stimulus to do what they do? Many successful people have revealed following certain habits and have attested to their efficiency. In this article, Akhtaboot will try to demystify the secrets of the world’s most successful people by sharing with you three of their effective habits that might be worth giving a shot.... Read More ...

How Successful People Spend Their Time After Work

Time barely passes during your last hour of work. You can’t seem to focus, and you’re probably day-dreaming about going back home, taking a hot bath, and changing into your PJs. Have you ever thought about what other people do after work? How other people de-stress after a long day? Everyone follows their own routine that is unique to them. Even successful people have their own way of recharging after a long day at work. Akhtaboot the career website shares with you how some successful people spend their time after work:
They Unplug

Many people are so addicted to their phones that they can’t go over an hour without using it.... Read More ...

Successful People Who Failed at First

Winston Churchill once said, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”. Not all the famous people that we know today had a smooth road to success. Did you know that the man who created the iPhone was a college dropout and was even fired from his own company? It might come as a surprise that many of the successful business leaders of today have fallen down before they made it. Akhtaboot highlights some good examples about successful people who have experienced stumbling blocks on their way to fame.

Reid Hoffman

Before starting his billion-dollar company known as LinkedIn today, Hoffman founded his first company in 1997.... Read More ...

What Successful People Do Differently

Because it’s not about who you are, but what you do  

We all know examples of extremely successful people who we admire and look up to. But how do they do it? The answer that can initially come to our minds is that they are born with specific characteristics and talents that set them apart from the crowd. This is simple a tiny piece of the puzzle. In fact, decades of research on achievement and success suggests that people experience repeated success not simply because of who they are, but more often because of the things they do. What successful people have in common is that they simply did and continue to do, things that help them realize their full potential.... Read More ...

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