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The Top People Skills for Success in the Workplace

Many professionals assume that having extensive experience and advanced technical skills is the only thing that matters when it comes to career progression. Well, it turns out that while technical competency is crucial to your professional success, it’s highly essential that you also have great people skills or what is called “Likability”. People skills are described as your ability to monitor your thoughts and speech, empathize with others and build relationships of trust and respect in your daily interactions. While having a “likable” personality depends on the nature of your character, you can work on your people skills so you can enjoy better relationships at work.... Read More ...

Making a Great Lasting Impression

It’s not just first impressions that count!

It comes as no secret that making a great first impression will do your career and life good on so many levels. So many business professionals get so hung up on making a good first impression and forget all about making it last. Whether you are giving a speech, going on a job interview, or delivering a presentation to your team at work, you need to plan your presence even if the crowd already knows you. Akhtaboot is here with a number of tips on how to make a lasting impression to keep yourself in line with bigger and better future opportunities.... Read More ...

GJU Partners with Akhtaboot on their 2nd Job Fair

The German Jordanian University (GJU) in cooperation with Akhtaboot – the career network organized the 2nd GJU Job Fair under the theme of ‘Empowering GJU Students and Graduates’. With the attendance of more than 25 international companies covering a variety of industries, the 1 day event was held on Wednesday the 30th of May, 2012 at the University’s campus in Jubaiha, Amman.
As part of Akhtaboot Cares Initiative – Akhtaboot’s CSR Arm, Akhtaboot’s Recruitment Specialists provided one-to-one CV evaluation for students and graduates-to-be, highlighting the areas that need to be tackled in order to prepare for the needs of today’s job market.... Read More ...

Firing Employees the Right Way

The art of terminating employees the appropriate way

No matter how we try to sugar coat it, there is no pleasant way to fire an employee. However, you can’t afford to waste your time, money and effort by keeping bad performers around. While termination is a necessary part of any business setting, there are certainly right and wrong ways to go about letting someone go. Getting it wrong might cause heartache for the both of you, or worse, you may end up in court! So how can you fire an employee with minimum damage while keeping their ego intact? Akhtaboot presents you with some useful strategies to follow when terminating an employee is the only choice you have left.... Read More ...

Strange Interview Questions: Akhtaboot Hashtag Campaign on Twitter Concludes

As if job interviews aren’t tough enough, hiring managers nowadays are going for weird and hard to answer interview questions that can put an A-lister in the hot seat. To being with, you must keep in mind that many of the toughest interview questions don’t necessarily have right and wrong answers. The real purpose of such questions is to find out more about the true personality of candidates when put under pressure and how they form decisions when faced with tough situations.

If candidates knew the exact questions to be asked in a job interview, they will rehearse beforehand, preventing their true personality from coming out.... Read More ...

Motivating your Employees without Breaking the Bank!

Many employers to this day still believe in the good old saying that “more money equals happier employees”. But, contrary to popular belief, it is important for managers to focus on the top non-monetary motivating techniques that put employees at the core of your business strategy and stop them from jumping ship once a better offer is on the table. While non-financial motivation can be a challenging task, if done with the right combination of leadership and management skills it can increase job satisfaction and employee morale.

While employees wouldn’t mind a good pay raise, there are also other ways to motivate staff for higher productivity and to push them to go over and beyond established goals, without breaking the bank.... Read More ...

Akhtaboot Cares Initiative Signs a Cooperation Agreement with Ruwwad

Akhtaboot Cares Initiative – Akhtaboot’s CSR arm – has recently signed a cooperation agreement with Ruwwad, a community empowerment organization that helps disadvantaged areas in Jordan overcome marginalization through youth activism, civic engagement and education.

As part of the agreement, Ruwwad were provided with Akhtaboot’s Microsite solution, a revolutionary service, Powered by Akhtaboot, featuring their very own fully integrated and branded jobs section, allowing website visitors and job seekers to search and apply to jobs directly onto the careers section on Ruwwad’s website.

A career training session on CV writing and interview skills was also conducted today by Akhtaboot at Ruwwad’s headquarter, Jabal Al Natheef, as part of Ruwwad’s Enrichment Program, in which 35 young, college students will be equipped with the necessary skills to help them become more employable in today’s competitive job market.... Read More ...

Going Social!

The Best New Tool for Online Job Search If Managed the Right Way!

Remember the old job hunting days when you had to actually call and visit the company offices yourself to fill out an application or drop your CV? Not to say that these days are long gone, but the attention nowadays is shifting towards Social Media – the new player in today’s job market. While finding a job through social media won’t replace traditional methods anytime soon, but it certainly has its perks. More and more employers these days are making the most of their social media presence to drive brand awareness and attract job seekers to their businesses.... Read More ...

Working Smart

Stepping on the fine line between hard work and smart work!

“Working Smart, not Hard” is a popular get-rich-quick concept among workers in today’s business world. Although there is a great difference between working hard and working smart, most of the time employees mistake “smart work” for only doing the bare minimum while getting a fat paycheck at the end of each month. This is not actually the case for nothing can be achieved without hard work. However, there are some strategies that can be employed to help you work smarter by reducing the amount of energy you put on to accomplish each task.... Read More ...

Office Politics: The Game Everyone Plays

How to Win in a World Where Hard Work and Talent Aren’t Enough!

Believe it or not, almost every workplace is a political environment. While many say that they don’t engage in such games, there’s actually little truth to that. Even though we probably might not realize it, we are all engaged in office politics to a certain extent. While the word politics implies doing absolutely anything to get ahead, office politics is really all about building relationships to get things moving at work. As an employer your take on office politics may differ significantly from those whom you supervise. While managing office politics can be a difficult thing to do in diverse companies, trying to maintain a healthy, productive political environment is crucial for success in today’s complex workplace.... Read More ...

Akhtaboot Parterns with KFUPM’s for the 28th Career Day – Dhahran, KSA

Dhahran, May 23, 2011: For the 3rd time in a row, Akhtaboot – the career network partners with King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals 28th Career Day, attracting thousands Saudi students seeking to enroll and advance in the different fields of work Akhtaboot offers.

Akhtaboot’s participation comes as part of Akhtaboot Cares Initiative efforts in securing employment opportunities for Saudi citizens and graduates while providing training and guidance on how to successfully approach the Saudi job market with Akhtaboot career lectures and CV evaluation services. Thousands of students visited Akhtaboot booths to learn about the company’s recruitment solutions as well as interact with the Recruitment Consultants on the different employment opportunities at Akhtaboot.... Read More ...

Akhtaboot as Online Recruitment Partner in P&G Saudi Arabia University Campaign

Akhtaboot is proud to announce that it has been chosen by Proctor and Gamble – a Fortune 500 multinational manufacturer of consumer goods – as Online Recruitment Partner of P&G University Campaign, a yearly career development multi-day event in Saudi Arabia targeting university students and graduates to be on how to sharpen their career related skills when it comes to looking for jobs.

The campaign will be dedicated to supporting over 8,000 students Kingdom-wide by preparing them on how to best land their dream job. Akhtaboot will be there to offer tips to job seekers on how to write an impressive CV and to prepare for a job interview.... Read More ...

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