Making a Great Lasting Impression

It’s not just first impressions that count!

It comes as no secret that making a great first impression will do your career and life good on so many levels. So many business professionals get so hung up on making a good first impression and forget all about making it last. Whether you are giving a speech, going on a job interview, or delivering a presentation to your team at work, you need to plan your presence even if the crowd already knows you. Akhtaboot is here with a number of tips on how to make a lasting impression to keep yourself in line with bigger and better future opportunities.

It All Starts with the Proper Greeting

From the way you smile and remember the other person’s name to the way you shake hands and make eye contact; you should care, and it should show.  Say good morning or good bye to each of your coworkers as you walk by them, no matter how close you are to them. Although some coworkers may choose not to return the greeting, greeting coworkers properly will set a good standard for your future relationships at work.

Remember Names and Key Facts about People

Express interest in the people you meet and what they say. Remember personal details about them.  Keep track of what coworkers or clients reveal, like birthdays and the names of their family members.  Find ways to show that you remembered what they decided to reveal and try to draw on your own personal experience to show empathy. By letting people know something about you, you show them that you are an approachable person who can interact well with others.

Prove that you are Trustworthy

Although gossiping is sometimes tempting and fun to do, coworkers shy away from gossips as they never know when they’ll become their hot new topic in the future. If you treat private information with respect and only share it in absolute confidence and in a professional way, the more likely it is that people will trust you with confidential information. Make sure you only share information when you are certain that it won’t impact negatively on you or the person who told you. The more information people give to you, the more knowledgeable you will become in your role.

Looking and Feeling Good

People notice everything about you; from the choice of colors and how your jacket fits, to your hair-do and the length of your fingernails. Dress appropriately; even on casual Thursdays. Any drastic difference from the typical dress code for your position may give the impression that you don’t fit in. Keep your energy level balanced. If you always look tired, people will make the snap assumption that you’re too tired to get the job done. This does not mean that you need to become a bodybuilder. But you must be healthy enough to look alert, competent, and interested.

We all know someone we would describe as charismatic. They always make a strong first impression, show strong confidence and have a captivating presence. They know how to build and maintain good relationships with people and are never forgotten. You need to understand that people aren’t born with charisma; it is a learned skill that you can actually develop to make an ever-lasting impression wherever you go.


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