As if job interviews aren’t tough enough, hiring managers nowadays are going for weird and hard to answer interview questions that can put an A-lister in the hot seat. To being with, you must keep in mind that many of the toughest interview questions don’t necessarily have right and wrong answers. The real purpose of such questions is to find out more about the true personality of candidates when put under pressure and how they form decisions when faced with tough situations.

If candidates knew the exact questions to be asked in a job interview, they will rehearse beforehand, preventing their true personality from coming out. As a result, employers won’t be able to compare candidates based on certain personality traits.

Strange interview questions can reveal a lot about you as a job seeker, will you panic? Get angry? Give up? No matter what an interviewer expects to learn from such questions, no one wants to hire someone who is easily irritated, has no opinion or who is a quitter.

We decided to ask our @akhtaboot followers on Twitter what is the strangest job interview question they have ever faced. Here are some of the most interesting – yet weird – questions provided by our dear followers:

“Are you an only child?”
“Do you think we should mourn Saddam?”
“Would you spend your lunch break with your boyfriend?”
“What do you think about loving a woman?”
“What picture do you have hung above your bed?”
“If you were a tree,what kind of tree would you be?”

Job seekers need to understand the kind of analytical skills being sought by hiring companies. Think out of the box, be creative, organize your thoughts in a logical manner and never let your fear overcome your true identity. Just remember that the interviewer is just trying to find out how quickly you can think and how you stand up before stress or pressure.