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How Social Media Can Impact your Career Prospects

You might think that your personal and professional lives don’t mix, but this is not completely true. Did you know that hiring managers actually Google your name to see how you behave on Social Media platforms? If you are currently employed or looking for a job, you need to make sure that your online brand is professional and paints you in a good light. So what are the mistakes that you can do on Social Media that can cost you your current or potential job? Akhtaboot sheds the light on a number of behaviors job seekers do on Social Media and could negatively affect their career prospects.... Read More ...

Things HR Won’t Tell You (During the Hiring Process)

So you finally got that interview call you’ve been waiting for all week. Yet you can’t help but feel a bit stressed in anticipation for your next big job. Do I seem too nervous? Am I qualified enough? Am I making a good impression? It’s normal to have all these questions roaming around in your head. It’s also normal to wonder what the HR is thinking during the interview. You must bear in mind though; there are certain things an HR people won’t tell you during the hiring process. If you’re curious to know what these things could be, Akhtaboot mentions a few for you below:

They’ve Probably Stalked You on Social Media

We are all aware of how social media has fostered and facilitated communication for us.... Read More ...

Productivity Wasters in the Workplace

There’s only so much time in the day, and it never seems to be enough. Most business owners are always on the look for ways to increase their employees’ productivity while maintaining high levels of quality. But just because your employees are at work doesn’t mean you’re getting work done. What you really need to do is to cut down on the top time wasters in the office. This doesn’t mean that you should block personal e-mail and social media websites. We’re talking about the kind of distractions that can derail productivity and stop your employees from doing their jobs. Akhtaboot is here to highlight the top productivity wasters that might be standing in the way of real work.... Read More ...

Staying On the Lookout for a Better Job

You rarely find people who are extremely happy and comfortable at the job they are in. Most employees are either unhappy with their manager, want a better salary, need more challenging tasks, or they’re simply looking to change their career path. But how hard are they trying to find that ‘ideal’ job everyone is dreaming about? Here are a number of smart ways to stay on the lookout for a better job!

Online Recruitment Portals 

Online recruitment portals can be of great value in providing you with fresh job content on daily basis. Akhtaboot for example provides job seekers of all career levels and industries with hundreds of jobs all over MENA.... Read More ...

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