You might think that your personal and professional lives don’t mix, but this is not completely true. Did you know that hiring managers actually Google your name to see how you behave on Social Media platforms? If you are currently employed or looking for a job, you need to make sure that your online brand is professional and paints you in a good light. So what are the mistakes that you can do on Social Media that can cost you your current or potential job? Akhtaboot sheds the light on a number of behaviors job seekers do on Social Media and could negatively affect their career prospects.

Posting Inappropriate Pictures

Publicly posting inappropriate pictures on Facebook, Instagram, or any other Social Media platform can leave a bad impression about you as a professional and can make you seem careless, or even cost you your current or potential job. Therefore, make sure that you check how your public profiles appear in search results online and do any necessary updates regularly.

Bad-mouthing Your Current or Previous Company

Sharing negative views about your previous or current employer publicly can lead to unwanted incidents, even if you think that these views won’t get to your managers. Don’t mistake Social Media platforms for your personal diary, and share any negative views about your company privately.

Using Weak Language

Weak writing that doesn’t clearly deliver your ideas and has many typos and grammatical mistakes gives the notion that you are impulsive and do not give much attention to details. This can consequently affect your current job or decrease your chances of getting one. Make sure that you post, coherent and well-thought-of views even if your field of work doesn’t require that.

Sharing Excessive Views

Most workplaces have become a hub for diversity and collaboration. That’s why most hiring managers these days look for open-minded, tolerant candidates who refrain from presenting extremely biased religious or political views on social media. Try to show acceptance of others and don’t be too excessive in expressing how you feel about certain subjects.

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