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ZenHR Solutions to Power the HR and Recruitment Cycle of Noor Bank’s SME Base

ZenHR Solutions (www.zenhrsolutions.com), the revolutionary human resources solutions group, announces a partnership with Noor Bank, one of the leading Shari’a compliant banks in the UAE. This partnership aims to cover the HR management and recruitment needs of Noor Bank’s SME base through ZenHR Human Resources Management System (HRMS) and Akhtaboot recruitment services.

Mr. Ryan Morgan, Country Manager at ZenHR Solutions said: “As HR and recruitment trends are rapidly changing, with a major shift towards HR automation and employee experience, ZenHR Solutions aims to provide more focus on employers’ brands, while offering rapidly scalable HR management tools. As a result, Noor Bank’s SME base will be able to utilize our cutting edge recruitment and HR management tools that are surely to give them a competitive edge in the market.”... Read More ...

10 Tips to Help you Quit your Job Without Hard Feelings

Are you thinking about quitting your job, but not sure how to do it the right way?
Many employees seem to rush into leaving their jobs before looking closely at the issues and possibilities at hand. Leaving your job should be strategic and properly timed. Here’s how you can make this transition a smooth and positive experience for both, you and your employer.

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5 Career Tips from One Recent Graduate to Another

Graduation is an exciting time filled with mixed feelings of happiness and anxiety. You’re probably battling the nerves of figuring out what your first career step should be and what kind of jobs suit your ambitions and preferences.

It’s OK to panic, but soon enough you will realize after reading this article that the transition doesn’t have to be as difficult as it may seem. Keep in mind that there are millions of fresh graduates just like you – and me – who have successfully transitioned into the job market and created meaningful careers, so it’s time you took your job search more seriously.... Read More ...

أمور عليك تجنبها في وظيفتك الأولى

هل تشعر بالقلق بسبب التحديات التي ستواجهك في وظيفتك الأولى؟ من الطبيعي أن ينتابك هذا الشعور في البداية تمامًا كيومك الأول في مدرسة جديدة، حيث تحتاج لبعض الوقت للاعتياد على البيئة الجديدة، ومن الطبيعي أن ترغب بإعطاء انطباع جيد تجاهك. إذن ما هي الطريقة السليمة للبدء؟ وما هي الأمور التي يجب عليك تجنب القيام بها في وظيفتك الأولى؟ أخطبوط يعرض عليك بعض الأمور التي ينبغي عليك تجنبها:
الامتناع عن طلب المساعدة!
تشعر في بعض الأوقات بعدم الارتياح عند طلب المساعدة من الآخرين، حيث لا تريد إظهار عدم معرفتك بكيفية إتمام مهمة معيّنة أو إظهار حاجتك للمساعدة، ومن الطبيعي أن ترغب بإظهار ثقتك بنفسك ومقدرتك على إتمام مهامك في العمل لاسيما في وظيفتك الأولى.... Read More ...

YouTube-ing as a Career: How to Start


Everything is available on YouTube, from funny pet videos, to advice on how to ace your job interview! With no doubt, it’s one of the world’s top websites with enormous content! Before we go further on how you can use YouTube to build a career in the video industry, here are some quick facts about the website:

YouTube Started in 2005, now it’s the second most visited website in the world!
There are 1.3 BILLION people using YouTube!
Around 300 hours of video are posted on YouTube each minute!
Around 5 BILLION videos are watched on it every day!

With that being said, it’s clear why many people turn to YouTube to achieve fame and profit!... Read More ...

Computer and Internet Skills you Can’t Go Without

Advance your career with the most in demand computer skills in the job market.

No matter what type of job you have, you’re likely to use a computer. Whether you work from an office or from home, sharpening your computer skills can be a valuable addition to your personal portfolio and can increase your work efficiency by allowing you to finish tasks faster and smarter.

Owning a computer doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re tech-savvy; there are actually a number of skills that you need to master if you want to advance your career. If you already possess these skills, make sure that you help others in your team.... Read More ...

What Hiring Managers Would Like to See in an Applicant’s CV

Hiring managers were asked about the things they prefer to see in an applicant’s CV. The answers were no surprise; however, many applicants to this day aren’t aware of these things.

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How Social Media Can Impact your Career Prospects

You might think that your personal and professional lives don’t mix, but this is not completely true. Did you know that hiring managers actually Google your name to see how you behave on Social Media platforms? If you are currently employed or looking for a job, you need to make sure that your online brand is professional and paints you in a good light. So what are the mistakes that you can do on Social Media that can cost you your current or potential job? Akhtaboot sheds the light on a number of behaviors job seekers do on Social Media and could negatively affect their career prospects.... Read More ...

3 Effective Habits of Successful People

Many attempt to define a successful person as one characterized by passion, resilience, tenacity, responsibility, skill, discipline, independence, etc…We could go on and on. While all such attributes are commonly associated with prosperous people, what many fail to consider is that they are mostly acquired and are difficult to maintain. So, how is it that the most productive people in the world manage to gain and sustain such qualities? What gives them the stimulus to do what they do? Many successful people have revealed following certain habits and have attested to their efficiency. In this article, Akhtaboot will try to demystify the secrets of the world’s most successful people by sharing with you three of their effective habits that might be worth giving a shot.... Read More ...

مواضيع ينبغي تجنبها في مكان العمل

من المعروف أن حياة العمل مليئة بالأحاديث الجانبية، خاصةً بسبب إمضاء الكثير من الوقت مع زملائك وشعورك بالراحة حولهم. هل حصل يومًا أن تحول نقاش عادي إلى جدال حاد أثناء وقت الاستراحة؟ لتجنب المشاحنات أو سوء الفهم، هنالك بعض المواضيع التي لا يجب  طرحها في مكان العمل. فإبقاء المواضيع على مستوى عالٍ من المهنية سيبعدك عن الجدالات والخلافات التي تقلل من نقاء بيئة العمل وتؤدي لمشاكل أنت في غنى عنها. يقدم لك أخطبوط بعض المواضيع غير المستحبة أثناء العمل.
يجنبك الابتعاد عن المواضيع الدينية خلال أوقات العمل الخلافات والإساءة للزملاء وسوء الفهم. وقد تؤدي هذه الأحاديث أيضًا إلى إلهاء الموظفين عن القيام بعملهم.... Read More ...

10 Articles from Akhtaboot to Help you in Your Job Search

If you’re still job-hunting with no results, maybe it’s time for change! Akhtaboot provides you with its top 10 read articles to help you in your journey:

4 Email Etiquette Tips for Job Seekers

Email has become the main form of business communication, and that’s why knowing the proper etiquette for email job search is without a doubt crucial for the success of your career search efforts. Sticking to the basic protocol of email is extremely simple and once you get accustomed to it, it will become second nature to you. But it’s this convenience that can lead to making embarrassing mistakes.... Read More ...

39% of Employees Waste More Than 4 Hours a Day at Work

Being at work doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting the job done! Employees waste lots of time on coffee and cigarette breaks, checking their social media accounts, and on personal conversations . Akhtaboot’s latest infographic sheds light on the top time wasters at work.

... Read More ...
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