Advance your career with the most in demand computer skills in the job market.

No matter what type of job you have, you’re likely to use a computer. Whether you work from an office or from home, sharpening your computer skills can be a valuable addition to your personal portfolio and can increase your work efficiency by allowing you to finish tasks faster and smarter.

Owning a computer doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re tech-savvy; there are actually a number of skills that you need to master if you want to advance your career. If you already possess these skills, make sure that you help others in your team. Akhtaboot highlights the top computer skills that you need to master to help you advance in your career.

Microsoft Office

Most job descriptions require that you master at least one Microsoft Office program, and two of the most in-demand programs are Excel and Word. While most of you might think they know how to use those programs properly, there are actually a number of tricks and shortcuts that allow you to finish your tasks faster. Make sure that you watch online tutorials so you can be able to format your documents in a smart way and in less time. Other Microsoft programs that are worth looking into are: Outlook, PowerPoint, and Access.

Internet Research Skills

With Google at the tip of your fingers, it’s easy to find answers to common questions and work-related problems. However, hiring managers seek employees that are skilled at internet research and possess the ability to seek multiple perspectives and gather more in-depth information quickly and efficiently.

Being proficient in techniques such as using bookmarks, clearing browser’s cache, and understanding internet surfing techniques will ease your tasks and give you access to unlimited information instead of being in the dark.

Common keyboard Shortcuts & Commands

If you don’t know how to copy/paste without using the mouse, then you need more work on enhancing your computer knowledge. Each operating system (Such as Windows or Mac) has universal keyboard shortcuts and commands, and knowing them will make using your computer much easier. Learning these commands is a matter of routine, so try watching short educational tutorials every now and then to put yourself in the habit.

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