Why some people are more successful in work and life than others 

What makes some people move further and faster in work and life than others? Is it really all about IQ and hard work? Although IQ and work ethic are important, they are not a perfect predictor of work success. Those who usually stand out and get ahead at work likely possess emotional intelligence – a different kind of smart. It is about knowing yourself and your feelings so well that you are able to manage them effectively at any moment in any given situation. Emotional intelligence means having personal qualities such as empathy and emotional control. It’s also about engaging others in ways that draw people to you. The good news is that emotional intelligence isn’t fixed; it actually improves with age and you can train yourself to have a higher EI. Akhtaboot reveals the main characteristics of an emotionally intelligent individual as well as some helpful tips for using emotional intelligence to help you build sustainable relationships with your coworkers and managers.

They Show Genuine Interest in Others

Emotionally Intelligent individuals naturally tend to show interest in new people by asking a lot of questions. They are extremely attuned to the needs and feelings of others, and act in a way that is sensitive to those needs. In a world where many people live by the attitude “what’s in it for me”, practicing empathy towards others is often placed on the back burner of personal traits to develop at work. Showing interest in others is a great way to cultivate empathy. Remember, each interaction that you have with others creates a memory and people may forget your name, but they never forget how you made them feel.

They Know their Strengths and Weaknesses

It is human nature to try to cover our flaws, but it is important for us to recognize our imperfections and see how we can use them to advance in work and life. Emotionally Intelligent individuals acknowledge both their strengths and weaknesses. They know that having weaknesses is only human. This kind of knowledge breeds self-awareness, a main factor of emotional intelligence and an important element in achieving work success.

They Know How and When to Focus Their Attention

The ability to ignore distractions and focus on one thing at a time is an often ignored mental asset that makes a huge difference in how well we find our way in our personal lives and careers. Without being present with ourselves and others, it’s difficult to develop self-awareness and build strong relationships. When you really commit yourself to being focused, the benefits are countless.

They Practice Self-Regulation

Have you ever noticed the effect that happy, positive people have on you? The same is true of people with bad moods. It’s almost as if the mood is contagious! Self-regulation is all about your ability to control your negative emotions and responses to situations and people. It’s about allowing yourself to feel positive emotions and expressing them to others.

They are Self-Motivated

Self-motivation is not a factor of job title or seniority but of attitude, behaviors and a desire to take responsibility. It is about having a goal, the courage to follow it and the persistence to take people on the journey with you. At work many people spend time and energy tiptoeing around performance issues and avoiding problems they are afraid to face. On the other hand, Emotionally Intelligent individuals can focus their attention and energy consistently on their goals. They also have extremely high standards for the quality of their work, even when they aren’t rewarded for it.