It’s not just what you say that matters!

Your ability to use your body language in a way that emphasizes your words is vital to your success. From getting a promotion to closing a deal, your non-verbal communication can make a big difference to whether you succeed or you don’t. There are sometimes indirect gestures, facial expressions and even shifts in your entire body that can give the wrong impression about you. The way you speak, walk, sit and stand says a lot about you. By becoming more aware of your body language, you will put yourself in a better position in business and life. That said, many of us sometimes send mixed messages that might reveal something different than what we actually meant to say. This can affect how others react to us. Akhtaboot is here with the top body language mistakes that can ruin your career!

Bad Body Posture 

Growing up, our parents constantly asked us to sit up straight, and for good reason. Slouching is associated with insecurity and lack of strength while leaning forward can give the impression that you’re aggressive. The ideal way to go about body posture is to maintain a neutral position; sitting tall with your head up high. Studies have also shown that even when we don’t feel confident, testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain are affected, which means that we can change other people’s perceptions and even our own body chemistry simply by changing body positions.

Breaking Eye Contact

It’s no secret that eye contact is an important aspect of communication. It makes you come across as interested, friendly, and confident. Many professionals tend to feel uncomfortable holding eye contact once a personal connection has been established. While it may feel a bit awkward to consciously plan when you’ll make eye contact with people and when you won’t, in practice it may be easier. Just try to make as much eye contact as possible, not get down on yourself over the times you can’t, and slowly try to get more used to it.

Pointing Fingers

Body language experts generally agree that hands send more signals than any other part of the body except for the face. Using your index finger to point at someone, something is one of the worst body language signs that you can make. Pointing your fingers at the other person can cut up the personal space between you in an aggressive way and it is strongly associated with anger, directed at another person.

Nodding your Head Excessively

Excessive head nodding implies that you feel that the speaker has made his point or taken sufficient time. Fast head nodding is rather like the hand gesture given off-camera by the director to a performer, indicating that “Time is up”. Nod once or twice with a smile of agreement, then try to find your comfort zone and stay there.


Fidgeting is the act of playing relentlessly with your fingers, hair, or items of clothing such as rings in an unconscious way. This may be a result of nervousness, agitation, boredom or a combination of these. Recent studies have revealed that those who fidget burn more calories, have better circulation and less back and joint pain. They also think and remember more effectively when fidgeting. Since most people see fidgeting as a sign that you are not concentrating, try to come up with creative ways to do it discreetly.