Akhtaboot – the career network and the German Jordanian University (GJU) have signed a partnership agreement on the 16th of August, 2010 on GJU campus. The agreement focuses on strengthening the relationship between Akhtaboot and the German Jordanian University through providing GJU students with Akhtaboot career-related services as part of Akhtaboot Cares Initiative, Akhtaboot’s corporate social responsibility arm.

The agreement aims at enhancing and refining the skills of GJU students and graduates-to-be through equipping them with all the necessary career-related tools and knowledge to prepare them for any challenges that might face them when approaching the job market. Akhtaboot will give university students the chance to regularly stay in touch with professional career consultants who will be available through a dedicated office at the University campus to give advice to students on the best way of writing an attractive CV and successful interview strategies. Additionally, Akhtaboot will be providing GJU students with lectures on how to approach the employment market with complete confidence.

Akhtaboot will also provide GJU with the Microsite Solution which features a fully integrated job board, branded with the University logo and content with highly targeted jobs powered by “The Akhtaboot Cares Initiative”, Akhtaboot’s CSR arm. German Jordanian University job seekers and site visitors will be able to benefit from the full features of http://www.akhtaboot.com directly on GJU website www.gju.edu.jo.

Yousef Shamoun, co-founder of Akhtaboot and Head of the Akhtaboot Cares Initiative said:
Stemming from our continuous devotion to build relationships with top universities in Jordan and the Middle East. We are truly proud to partner with the German Jordanian University and provide its highly qualified graduates and students with our consulting services to be well prepared to face the job market. The German Jordanian University is known for its reputation as a center of academic excellence providing its students with an outstanding faculty, advanced technological resources and state-of-the-art facilities.
The President of the German Jordanian University, Professor Labeeb Khadrah added:
This partnership between the German Jordanian University and Akhtaboot delivers on our promise to offer our students the knowledge and understanding necessary to be able to plan their future careers. I’m very pleased with Akhtaboot’s honest concern and ongoing devotion to serve both job seekers and the business community through providing the German Jordanian University students, graduates and job seekers with Akhtaboot’s professional consultancy and user-friendly job search tools directly on the University website.
About Akhtaboot Cares Initiative:

The Akhtaboot Cares Initiative (ACI) is a comprehensive CSR program that was developed through partnerships with a number of second parties and educational institutions in the Middle East and GCC region. Through the ACI Akhtaboot maintains an ongoing presence in the -related events by developing and executing specific training programs that are tailor-made to educate graduates-to-be and job seekers on how to approach the job market and to smoothen their transition into the professional world.