The Boss from Hell: Akhtaboot presents 5 types of difficult bosses and the way to deal with each one of them!

Conflict between a boss and an employee can be both exhausting and intimidating, yet it is bound to happen in any workplace. Difficult bosses vary in personality from being somewhat controlling and aggressive to being straight up abusive. The way employees handle their difficult bosses may determine their position in the company as well as their long term career success. Akhtaboot presents to you 5 types of difficult bosses and the way to deal with each one of them.

The Control Freak

Control Freak bosses always consider themselves to be overwhelmed and burdened with the task of protecting the ungrateful world from their own mistakes. They are convinced that no one can do things the right way unless they dictate the exact steps of doing it. Their behavior is definitely annoying, yet confronting them would only make the situation even worse. They will only see your behavior as evidence that you’re not interested in doing things right. A good way to deal with a Control Freak boss would be to reassure him that you are taking your tasks seriously, and that he can count on you in handling your own responsibilities effectively and efficiently. Hand over all your deliverable on time and make sure not to miss out on every single detail.

The Absent Boss

If you rarely see your boss and most of your conversations with him are a quick chat in the hallway, then most probably you are dealing with an Absent Boss. The worst part about working with an Absent Boss is that he is rarely aware of the problems caused by his absence. Absent Bosses are rarely present when their approval is required or when a procedure is unclear and their guidance is needed. The secret to getting your boss’s attention is stressing the importance of your work and how your boss’s input is crucial to the project at hand. Once you get his attention, talk in headlines by summing up what decisions he needs to make or directions he needs to give. It might take more effort from your side to get things done, but your manager will respect you for being assertive.

The Whip-Cracker

Most Whip-Crackers are workaholics who don’t have a life and they assume that their employees don’t have a life either. They push their employees to the extreme and are never satisfied with their output. They think that employees are irresponsible slaves who wouldn’t want to work unless they are forced to do so. In order to get you’re the Whip-Cracker off your back, work hard and do not let your work go unnoticed. Demand acknowledgment by showing initiative and introducing new ideas that would benefit the firm. Show your boss that you consider yourself a partner of the firm rather than an employee who only works for a living.

The Scheming Boss

The Scheming Boss is the most dangerous type of bosses who is always planning to fire one person or another. He is highly manipulative, keeping an innocent face while setting up a trap for his prey. He tries to protect himself and his position by firing brilliant and qualified workers who might get in the way of his career success. Always be honest and act with extreme care when dealing with this type of bosses. Don’t hesitate to state your opinion about a specific situation even if it is different from your boss’s opinion, but be careful not to point out his shortcomings as it will never go unpunished!

The Busy Boss

This type of bosses is always impatient with lots of things on his mind, yet he respects all of his employees. He expects everything to be done the instant he asks for it. He may not be fully focused when talking to him and may even surprise you with a “you didn’t tell me that” the next day. When talking to this type of bosses, try to repeat important issues more than once and make sure that he has grasped it and agreed to it by asking: “so this is what we have agreed upon, right?”. Moreover, keep evidence of your communications by sending official emails about each decision taken by you or your boss.

It’s often said that people do not quit a job, they quit a boss. While it is frustrating to work with one of the above bosses, it’s quite possible to be able to manage your relationship with them so that none of you would kill the other. Always remember that your boss is someone who is highly experienced with a lot of wisdom to share on how to reach the position he is in now. Keep in mind that bosses aren’t from another planet, although sometimes they seem to be!



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