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Making the Best University Choices That Will Support You in Your Future Career

Nowadays, employers are adding great emphasis to university education when recruiting. Your university choices have become the most influential determinant of your career path. When filtering candidates for a certain vacancy, employers tend to consider university education as a preliminary method of eliminating applicants. There is a multitude of factors you must take into account when applying to universities in order to ensure that you avoid any rejections from potential employers. The following are a couple of useful tips that we recommend to consider when applying for universities:
Choose the Right Major
First and foremost, choose something that you are passionate about.... Read More ...

How Cavall Changed My Life

Life as a recruiter is no walk in the park. We interview and interact with numerous people a day, read hundreds of CVs and we deal with mountains of paperwork. As a recruiter, we eventually get used to handling the heavy workload. Then, one day I was introduced to the Applicant Tracking System, Cavall. And my life was changed exponentially.
I never realized how much time it took me to complete mediocre tasks  until I started using Cavall. Using an ATS system made interviewing, reporting, and filing paperwork a breeze for me. One of the most tedious jobs of a recruiter is filtering through numerous CVs until we stumble upon a potential candidate for the office.... Read More ...

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