Life as a recruiter is no walk in the park. We interview and interact with numerous people a day, read hundreds of CVs and we deal with mountains of paperwork. As a recruiter, we eventually get used to handling the heavy workload. Then, one day I was introduced to the Applicant Tracking System, Cavall. And my life was changed exponentially.
I never realized how much time it took me to complete mediocre tasks  until I started using Cavall. Using an ATS system made interviewing, reporting, and filing paperwork a breeze for me. One of the most tedious jobs of a recruiter is filtering through numerous CVs until we stumble upon a potential candidate for the office. Cavall split my time short with its CV parsing tool, it analyzed and pulled out all the information about the candidates we had in question. A weight off my shoulders was definitely lifted, and all I seemed to think was “Cavall, why haven’t you been in my life a lot earlier?”
We were able to maintain a level of consistency in the recruitment process by using the integration with Job Boards that moves the candidate’s information along with their CVs to Cavall. By customizing our recruitment stages I was able to organize my time more efficiently and it wasn’t because I was working more; it was because I was just being more proactive. Speaking on behalf of most recruiters, its safe to say that interview no-shows are exasperating, especially when we’re running on a schedule and every delayed minute, is a minute of delayed piled work. With Cavall’s calendar and map integration we are now able to communicate with the interviewees using a built-in mailing system. Interviewees can even use the map feature using their smartphones in order to get the precise location of our offices. I can’t remember the last time I spent so much time on the phone giving directions to a potential candidate who ended up not even showing up for the interview!
Investing in an ATS system won’t only make your life easier; it will save the morale of the whole department. I guarantee you’ll be seeing more smiling faces in the department. With templates already embedded in the system, an incredible referral system, and a detailed reporting system, Cavall changed my life as a recruiter, and I’m sure it will change yours as well.

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