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How to Differentiate Yourself from Others at Work

Standing out and distinguishing yourself from other coworkers in a crowded workplace can be difficult yet, rewarding. However, if you want to grow and advance in your career you have to stand out from the crowd and to be noticed by your boss. Akhtaboot provides you with some tips that will help you to set yourself apart from others and stand out in your job.

Work Smart, Not Hard

Working for long hours without taking a single break everyday doesn’t mean you are being productive. Productivity is about working smart and getting the maximum value for your time and efforts. Start working on your time-management skills, avoid excessive multitasking, set clear goals regularly, prioritize your tasks, and delegate whenever you can.... Read More ...

The Attitude That’s Ruining Your Career

Career-limiting habits that might be getting in your way!

It’s a known fact that your attitude at work can dramatically make or break your career. While having a positive attitude is not easily achievable for the majority of employees as many of them are stuck with career limiting habits that keeps them from reaching their full potential at work. Some examples on those habits include but not limited to: unreliability, “it’s not my job” attitude, procrastination and resistance to change. Many people have a misconception that positive attitude is a genetic behavioral pattern that we inherit and have no control over.... Read More ...

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