Working moms don’t have it easy. They juggle multiple tasks such as driving their kids to school before work, preparing lunch for the family, or grocery shopping for the house. What if you can’t seem to juggle all the tasks that have fallen into your hands? Akhtaboot the career network shares a few tips that can help working moms balance their time between their work and family:

Become an Excellent Organizer

Make a daily list of tasks you need to get done; such as meetings you need to get to, cooking dinner, or driving your kid to soccer practice. Sometimes working on a schedule speeds the planning process. Some moms make use of their time by cooking dinner the night before. Other moms find registering their kids in school buses more fitting to their time schedule. You also must remember to set your limits. For example, volunteering to participate in a number of community activities can be time consuming, so decide on what commitments you’re willing to take on before you find yourself swamped with obligations you cannot meet.

Have a Back-up Plan

Part of becoming a master organizer is having a back-up plan. Having a back-up plan in case of emergencies is crucial for any working mom. If your baby-sitter bails out on you make sure you have an alternative option. Create an emergency contact list that consists of people who you can depend on when in need of help.

Share the Load

Being responsible for all the tasks at home is demanding, especially for a working mom who spends half of her day at work. Learn to ask for help; see if your partner can pick up the kids from work on the days you’re working late. You can also consider carpooling or sharing some errands with a relative, friend, or a family member. If you find that you cannot afford the extra help, ask someone you can depend on to give you a helpful hand. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to delegate. When you share the load that is weighing you down, you will find yourself managing your time around the tasks that you already have. This will give you a chance to complete the tasks you have without having to rush through them in a sloppy manner.

Give Yourself a Break

You are only human. You are not a working machine, so take it easy on yourself, and don’t wear yourself out. Just because you missed your child’s parent-teacher meeting, or just because you weren’t home on time to cook dinner, doesn’t make you a bad mom. Don’t be too hard on yourself; remember you need to give yourself a break. Feeling stressed and juggling the feeling of guilt will only hinder your work performance. Try to schedule some time for yourself, pamper yourself with a manicure or a fresh new haircut. Call up a friend and make plans for the weekend to unwind the stress of the week.

Stay Connected

Ask other working moms for advice, and see how they manage their time. Share anecdotes and similar incidents you’ve both experienced as working moms. Being socially interactive, and staying connected with friends will help reduce your stress levels, and make you feel lighter and happier as a working mom.

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