Akhtaboot sat down with Nuqul Group‘s Vice Chairman, Mr. Ghassan Nuqul for a candid conversation to learn more about his journey in one of Middle East’s leading industrial corporations and his personal perspective on career success in the Jordanian Economy.

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day for me starts between 8:30 am – 8:45 am. I normally have a to-do list to plan my work for the day and organize all the meetings. I usually start by signing papers from the previous day, and then I go over my emails and make some internal phone calls. A typical day for me usually involves 4-5 meetings on average starting at 10:00 am. I also meet one or two businessmen, associates or bankers to discuss PR and community service issues or any work-related matters. I go to the gym 4-5 times a week for one hour. I take my lunch break at 3:00 pm and read the newspaper and then head back to the office.

Do you remember your first job? What was your position?

Yes of course; I was a Production Engineer at the Fine Factory in Marka, where I got the chance to apply my industrial engineering background into manufacturing. My job involved diverse responsibilities ranging from sales and quality control, to forecasting and man power planning. I was also involved in setting up systems and procedures. I spent my afternoons with my father at the office working on expansion plans and new product development projects.What has been the secret of your success? What was the turning point in your life that led to your success?

I can give you buzz words that really apply to me. Passion, hard work, and perseverance. Second is the mission statement that I wrote to myself, which states that I wanted to make a difference in my family, business and my country. I am still committed to my mission statement to this day and I aim to continue to build on the successes of my father.Throughout your career, I’m sure you’ve interviewed a lot of candidates. What makes a good first impression?

Self-confidence, ambition, and the way they carry themselves. Preparation for the interview is also key to a successful first impression, and I cannot underestimate the importance of being candid and real.

What makes one strive and succeed in the Jordanian economy and workforce?

Jordan is not different from any of its surrounding countries. In order to succeed in Jordan’s challenging economy one must avoid settling for the status quo and try to avoid confining the vision and ambition to the Jordanian economy. While it’s easy to get frustrated by our current situation, it’s also very important to try to make a difference by capitalizing on the positive things that we have as a country.What makes Nuqul Group’s corporate culture stand out? How does this culture help you attract the best talent?

Nuqul Group has a very strong culture and it was one of my priorities to preserve it and build upon it while capturing the essence of it through systems, procedures, communicated values and code of conduct. Most of the group’s activities and communicated messages highlight our culture and values. I have put it on the outset of myself to be the guardian of this culture without compromises, and it is in the heart of our governance model that we adhere to in the group.How do you retain your top talent?

We aim to attract individuals who appreciate our culture and add value and diversity to the Group. We give our people the space to make positive changes to the group. We also make sure that we align their future interests with those of the group including profit sharing schemes, rewards, career advancement opportunities, while honing their skill-set.

What are the top traits that you think your employees should possess?

We look for people who have the passion, ambition, and a positive outlook. Communication skills and soft skills are also vital to succeed at Nuqul Group. Those who can act as true owners of the business and not as employees are exactly the kind of people we want to invest in; ownership is everything!

What is Nuqul Group’s biggest challenge when it comes to recruitment?

The biggest recruitment challenge that we face is the ability to recruit people who fit in well with our values and corporate culture.

What advice would you like to give to job seekers in Jordan?

Find your passion, believe in yourself, invest in yourself, and do your research. Job seekers need to acknowledge the fact that it requires hard work, perseverance, rising above mistakes, and putting their ego to the side.

What do you think of the Akhtaboot brand?

We constantly work with Akhtaboot and the impression I have is that they are a progressive and innovative company. Akhtaboot is a company that we like to be associated with. I feel that it appeals to the new generation, which is the generation we should all be focusing on right now.

How does Akhtaboot help Nuqul Group?

Akhtaboot taps into a pool of talent that is more times than not the right caliber for our needs. They do your due diligence for you.


Ghassan Elia Nuqul

Vice Chairman of Nuqul Group

Ghassan E. Nuqul, Vice Chairman of Nuqul Group; one of the Middle East leading manufacturers of hygienic paper products and construction materials. Born on July 3, 1962, Mr. Nuqul holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Purdue University, U.S.A.

Mr. Nuqul is a member of several governmental councils and committees, and is personally involved in several local and international business associations and not-for-profit organizations and initiatives. Among these are the Advisory Board on Partnership between Private & Public Sector, the Board of Greater Amman Municipality, the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development, the Technical and Vocational Education Council, the Board of the National Center for Culture & Performing Arts/ King Hussein Foundation, Jordan University of Science and Technology, and the Jordan Chapter of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO).

Mr. Nuqul also served on the Economic Consultative Council to HM King Abdullah II, and participated in developing the National Agenda as Chairman of the Employment Support and Vocational Training Theme.

He sits on the Boards of the Kuwaiti Jordanian Holding Co., Integrated Olive Products Co., Delta Insurance Co. and Universal Modern Industries Co.