Have you been in the same position with the same company for a while now, athough you feel like you are ready to move up? Does it seem like all the employees who get ahead in your company don’t work nearly as hard as you do, but somehow they are the ones who get rewarded?

Akhtaboot is coming to the rescue by unveiling the most successful techniques that you should master in order to get noticed by your boss and get the promotion that you have always dreamt of and know that you deserve.

Whatever industry you are in, your success depends on how well you promote yourself. Fortunately, there are ways to do this without giving people the impression that you are self absorbed or greedy. So without any further delay, here are the 8 Simple Techniques to Getting Promoted.

1. Take On Extra Responsibilities

Simply doing what is expected of you, and even being the best at what you do, are not guarantees for advancement. You should proactively look for other responsibilities that you know you can do well and that would be useful to the company. To qualify for a promotion you need to do more than what you are already being paid to do. Taking on extra responsibilities will not only give the impression that you are interested in your current job, but it will also help http://essaybuyers.com/ you earn the respect of your supervisors and co-workers as well.

Remember that extraordinary employees are not stuck within the job description box; they take the initiative to make their jobs better.

2. Be a Team Player

Know your part within the team you are working in and provide your co-workers with positive drive and inspiration. Offer to help your co-workers even if the problem doesn’t concern you. If you believe you have the ability to solve it, then lend a hand! Supporting your colleagues in achieving their goals will create a loyal group of people who will support you in the long-run.

3. Arrive Early

Always arrive at work a few minutes before others, this will give the impression that you are always at work and committed to your job. Showing up a little early also reflects your interest and desire to do a good job. Being on time might sound like a cliché bit of advice, but it is a cliché bit of advice that works! Someone who respects the value of time will always be chosen over someone who doesn’t when it comes to promotions.

4. Dress the Part Everyday

Extraordinary employees dress for success everyday. They take pride in their appearance everyday. If you are capable of doing the work and taking on extra responsibility AND you dress like you already have the job, there will be a better chance of being chosen for the promotion. Investing in a good suit right now will surely pay off later on.

5. Make Yourself Replaceable

This may sound like an odd piece of advice and somewhat counterintuitive, yet it is critical to getting a promotion. You will make it easier for your boss to promote you if you have made yourself replaceable. In many cases, employees who deserve a promotion don’t get it simply because there is nobody who is qualified enough to take on their existing responsibilities. Your boss can’t promote you if it means that leaving your position will cause his or her organization to fall apart. You should always take on apprentice and mentee and teach that person how to take over your responsibilities so that you can go on to bigger and better things one day.

6. Act Professionally

Extraordinary employees don’t whine and complain when things go wrong. Instead, they ask intelligent questions when they aren’t sure how to do something and always keep a positive attitude towards everything that surrounds them.

Saying please and thank you, greeting customers and co-workers, speaking nicely, and being patient are essential elements of success in the workplace or anywhere else for that matter. In short, work on your people skills!

There may also be someone in your company who wants the same position that you want. Don’t feel threatened. Work hard to distinguish yourself and make yourself stand out.

7. Upgrade Your Skills

Kick off with a quick analysis of your strengths and weaknesses. Identify what skills and personal characteristics are required for the role you aspire to fill one day. Akhtaboot’s MBTI personality test will help you focus on your most marketable assets, providing you with critical insight into how to be taken seriously for promotion purposes, as was as with a list of key skills that you need to develop in order to get there. Signing up for training courses and reading appropriate material will greatly enhance your career portfolio as well.

8. Get Ready to be Interviewed Again

Most companies don’t just promote their employees overnight. Instead, they require that you go through a whole new interview and selection process. As with any interview, preparation is the key to success. Provide an updated CV including a cover letter. The letter should explain in detail the reasons why you be the one they choose to fill the position in question. Make sure that you produce an accurate and professional document that clearly demonstrates the value you have added to the company during your current position and highlights the skills you have developed along the way that make you a perfect fit for the new role.

Getting a promotion is about working hard and making sure the right people notice it. It is all about pushing the limits of your current responsibilities and showing everyone that you are ready to take on new ones.

If you apply these 8 techniques yet you still feel like you are getting nowhere in your company and that the hard work you do everyday goes unnoticed, then maybe it would be best to look for work elsewhere. It’s only worth the effort to work in a place where the people appreciate the work that you do.

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