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CV Formatting Mistakes to Avoid

Make your CV look and sound great!

Applying to jobs through online recruitment websites such as Akhtaboot is a very competitive process as you are actually competing with numerous job seekers to land the same position. Hiring managers usually receive thousands of CVs and it can take days if not weeks to go through them one by one to find the person for their vacancies. In the first instance, it is your CV that will put you ahead of other candidates and get you the interview, where you can show your suitability for the job. That’s why it’s really important that you give your CV the same attention you give to the way you look and speak.... Read More ...

What Not to Include on Your CV

Things Employers HATE to See on a CV!

If you’re looking to win the job search game you have to leap ahead of your competition by taking your CV writing skills to the next level. Many people believe that they have to include all of their work experiences on their CV, which eventually may become unmanageable if they switch jobs many times during their career. What you don’t include on your CV can be as important as what you do include. Akhtaboot is here to the rescue with a number of things you should leave off when writing your CV.

Short-term Jobs

Including short-term jobs in your CV will raise red flags for hiring managers, as it will give an impression that you are unstable and that you don’t have a clear career path.... Read More ...

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