Buried in your Email? Tips on How to Manage your Communication

Due to its easy accessibility and the growing demands of the work environment, email has emerged as the most dominating form of communication endorsed by workers. This has made it one of the prime determinants of one’s work stance and career development. Hence, prosperity nowadays has favored employees with impeccable email skills over others with substandard email-composition abilities. The way you write an email bespeaks much about your character and the relationship you share with the recipient. Hence, possessing this skill can move you a long way in your career and is likely to promise you more success.

However, quite often, we fail to attend to our mails on a frequent basis, and unsurprisingly, we are confronted by an overloaded inbox that is meshed with a variety of work, personal, and advertisement emails. In such an occasion, one can’t help but be overwhelmed and clueless about how to navigate through this sea of emails. The following are a few tips from Akhtaboot on how to manage your communication and drive your inbox rather than be driven by it.

Filter and Separate your Accounts

If you’re the type of person with all your email accounts connected to your phone, this one is for you. Having your mail flooded with messages from multiple accounts that may or may not be work-related with certainly pressurize you, as it will put you under the impression that you have a tremendous workload awaiting you. Hence, in order to avoid the panic that will arise from this, it is advisable for you to separate your accounts, perhaps by keeping your personal email on your phone and checking your work email online, or from another device.

Try to Check your Email More Regularly

It wouldn’t hurt to free yourself every couple of hours and check your email on a more frequent basis. The sooner and the more often you can do so, the more you will minimize any burden that can strike your email, as well as the stress associated with it.

Handle Emails from Followed Websites

This kind of emails are frequently received and can occupy much of your inbox. If your email is being overflowed with these messages, you can easily direct them to your personal email. In case you are disinterested in them, you can even move them to your junk or request that they no longer contact you.

Optimize your Response Efficiency

In addition to organizing your email, an important skill in managing it is being able to skim through emails and respond quickly. When reading emails, focus on the main idea and don’t pay much attention to its formalities, in order to get through it as quickly as possible. Also, when responding, be as concise as possible. In cases where this is the first time you address someone, it is important to effectively introduce yourself and comply with basic email conventions. Otherwise, when communicating with someone you already know well, make your emails as short as possible, while delivering your ideas clearly of course, in order to spare yourself and others the time you need.

We are well-acquainted with the stress that can accompany an overloaded inbox, and we hope that by following the previous tips, you can easily prevent that.


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    I work to protect the children in my artistic field and share your joy

  2. I work to protect the children in my artistic field and share your joy

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