Isn’t the conventional process of applying for a job demanding and stressful as it is? What if you desperately need to land a job in a corporation that hasn’t officially announced its job openings? The apparent absence of the organization’s need for recruitment doesn’t necessarily mean that you will not be offered the role you aspire for, it only means that there’s a “hidden job market”.

Making cold calls can be very stressful for most job seekers as trying to reach out to someone you don’t know out of the blue can make you feel awkward. But cold calling can be an effective way to tap into the hidden job market.

However, it does indeed mean that you will have to go the extra mile in order to show your value as a potential asset to the company. In order to conduct a successful cold call for a job, you must be able to break the massive barrier of unfamiliarity and present a very solid argument that will persuade the HR person to consider you. The following are a few pieces of advice from Akhtaboot on how to execute successful cold calls to land a job.

  1. Pinpoint the Right Person to Contact

Do your research. Scan their websites and social media pages and filter them using appropriate keywords to spot that person. If your attempt goes in vain, call the company and ask about the HR person in charge. Don’t stop until you reach your aim of finding the person pertinent to your desired job department; one who possesses the authority of granting you this position. Doing so will save you a great deal of embarrassment as well as the negative image that you might be projecting of yourself by contacting the wrong person, which could potentially mean the loss of this opportunity.

  1. Choose the Appropriate Channel to Convey your Message

When initiating a cold call, you must take into account the type of job you are seeking as well as the nature of the organization you are approaching. It’s highly recommended that you begin this conversation by email as a first step, and then you can proceed with a phone call to follow upon your request. For most people, emails can be considered as a slightly more viable option because it allows you more time to contemplate your ideas before sending them. When deciding between which channel to use, you must also factor in an evaluation on what you want to convey and determine which one will make you seem more impressive. Another alternative is to schedule an appointment with the person identified in tip #1 and speak to them in person. To clarify, some people are capable of communicating their passion more lucidly in person or by phone, whereas others might perform better through email. Ultimately, you must make this choice based on your instinct and personal characteristics.

  1. Craft an Impeccable Argument – “What’s in it for them?”

This one goes by default. You can’t expect to land a job opportunity that is not officially announced unless you convince the relevant person that you will constitute a worthy addition to their team. Formulate a strong argument that incorporates the skills that you have to offer and make sure that you highlight the tangible difference that you are capable of making if given the chance to join their organization. Make sure to articulate your reasons eloquently, as this will help leave a positive impression about your character and skills.

  1. Take Action – If you never try you will never know!

If you’re staring at this tip, then you’re probably prepared to carry out the process of cold calling. It’s totally fine if you are feeling uneasy or nervous about doing so. These feelings are very justifiable, especially as you are taking a personal initiative with the possibility of rejection. Nonetheless, the only response we have for you is that you must overcome your hesitation, because “if you never try you will never know!” The only way to subjugate such wavering doubts is by playing a brief game of logic and common reason with your subconscious. Here’s how it goes: ask yourself to anticipate the possible outcomes that might arise from taking such action or refraining from doing so. You probably have figured by now that you have absolutely nothing to lose – so, go for it!

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