Creating a healthy balance between work and personal matters is a common struggle for most employees, and your ability to to draw a clear line between them can add so much value to your well-being and happiness in general. But what if you worked with your spouse at the same company? If so, the following questions might cross your minds: Can this affect our relationship? Can we turn off work at home? These are all valid questions that are worth exploring. In fact, many couples are introduced to one another at the workplace or end up working together later on in their careers. While this does offer some benefits, such as having common interests, it might turn against you if you don’t manage it right. Akhtaboot presents you with some of the likely advantages and challenges of working in the same place as your spouse, as well as some advice on how to handle the latter so you can maintain a strong grip over both your work and personal lives and avoid clashes between them.

Pros of working with your significant other:

  1. It May Strengthen your Relationship

A potential gain from working with your spouse is fortifying your relationship, as you will have more common grounds as well as compatible goals and career paths. You will spend a greater portion of your time together allowing you to discuss work outside the office and genuinely enjoy it. This will contribute to a healthier and a more meaningful relationship.

  1. Easier Transportation and Planning

Working in the same company as your spouse means having similar – if not identical – vacation schedules, which makes it easier to plan trips that fit both your calendars. Also, having the same workplace location means that you can ride together to work, which resolves the widespread difficulties that families face with transportation and that can be a source of stress and anxiety.

  1. Predictable Finances and Similar Benefits

Working with your partner means that you are both on the same pay timeline which allows you to enjoy a great deal of financial predictability. Also, if your employer provides additional benefits such as health insurance, day care services or flexible working hours, then you are both able to take similar advantage. This will instill a good sense of balance within the relationship.

Disadvantages of working with your significant other and how to resolve them:

  1. Work Competition Might Ignite Conflict

In some cases, you and your spouse might be competing for the same goals at work. This will likely cause tension to arise between you two and will spark off a sense of discomfort – and even resentment – at home. Although this cannot be completely avoided, you can reduce that by establishing clear boundaries that curb how often you discuss work matters at home.

  1. You Might be Perceived as Biased

Assume a hypothetical situation where you had the authority to promote an employee, and you chose your spouse. The rest of their coworkers might be misled to believe that you are giving your spouse preferential treatment by virtue of your relationship. This will cause resentment towards you and your spouse. You can handle this issue this by justifying your decision with quantifiable results and solid grounds behind your decision.

  1. You Might Get Bored from One Another

Compared to other couples who work at different companies, you’d be spending almost double the time together. Hence, it is very justifiable for you to want some time alone to unwind and clear your mind. Make sure to allocate some free time for each of you so that the time you spend with your spouse doesn’t overstep onto your personal time.

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