2018 is finally here! This is a time to celebrate the achievements of the past and to contemplate objectives for the future. During this time, we are overwhelmed with feelings of anticipation and excitement for the coming year. However, it is also a reminder of the passage of time and is an alert that makes us feel the urgency of meeting our long set goals. If you’re reading this and struggling to recall your achievements, or panicking over the fact that you are still searching for a job (or trying to advance in your current job), then stop worrying immediately. It’s time for change. A new year is also a new page and a new window of opportunity and promise. It is both a mark for the end of a period of time and the beginning of a new one. So stress no more about the past, and unfold a fresh new page. It is up to you whether or not you will improve your career in the upcoming year. A common tradition done during this period is to think of resolutions and targets for this year that you aspire to achieve by its end. The following is a suggested list of four New Year resolutions devised by Akhtaboot to give you a dose of inspiration to enhance your career by the end of 2018:

  1. Acquire new skills

Learning new skills is certainly beneficial to you irrespective of your job status. If you’re unemployed, it will improve your odds of landing a job opportunity. If you have a job but are seeking a higher position, it will make you more eligible for it. Identifying the most appropriate skill depends highly on your field of expertise. Do your research and determine which skills are most appreciated by employers and experts in your profession. However, some skills are useful to everyone, such as learning new languages, improving your soft skills, communication and public speaking skills.

  1. Build a more appealing online identity

Your online presence is one of the key determinants that employers consider when evaluating an applicant. Therefore, having a strong and attractive online identity is essential for job seekers and employees wishing to attain a promotion or improve their careers. You can do this by creating accounts on social media platforms and continuously updating them. Make it as authentic as possible and make sure it reflects your interests, views, and opinions, to give the employer an insight into your character. However, be careful about what you post and make sure not to seem pretentious.

  1. Read a new book every month

Knowledge is fuel to the wheel of change. As you acquire knowledge, you will become stronger and better capable of overcoming obstacles and meeting your objectives. A simple way through which you can develop your knowledge is reading. By doing so, you can also expose yourself to different philosophies that can guide you through times of difficulty and transform your outlook on different matters, including work. Set a target to read a book every month from this point until the end of 2018. Akhtaboot recommends checking out a book called “The Startup of You” by Hoffman and Casnocha and another called “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance” by Angela Duckworth. These books have the potential of rejuvenating your attitude towards work.

  1. Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle

We often overlook the significance of our lifestyles and regard them as unchangeable. But the truth is that your way of life has a lot of power and influence on your progress, and it is completely within your control. You can change it by adopting healthier eating habits, exercising more frequently, interacting with different people and allocating time for leisure. It is also advisable to try different meditation techniques that can help relieve stress and make you more focused on your goals. Having a better lifestyle can have a huge positive impact on your career and success.

We hope that you will seriously consider the above list of resolutions for 2018 and that they will provide you with enough impetus to make significant career changes. Akhtaboot wishes you a Happy New Year!

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