It is often thought that introverts are considered the “misfits” in the workplace simply because they exhibit reserved and conservative behavior. Therefore, many introverts find themselves struggling to fit into an extroverted work environment. The truth is, many introverts are actually great listeners and observers. They possess a creative flair and a task-oriented mentality which makes them a great addition to any team at work.

In this article, Akhtaboot busts the most common myths about introverts at work.

Myth#1: Introverts prefer to work solo and they hate being part of a team

Truth: It is true that introverts usually feel “socially exhausted” when dealing with people for extended hours and have a need to recharge after a long interactive session, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be part of a team. The truth is, some introverts thrive in groups due to their ability to listen, observe and analyze information.

Myth #2: Introverts cannot be leaders

Truth: Extroverts are often perceived as more capable of leading teams than introverts due to their “loud” and “assertive” nature. But this isn’t necessarily true. Introverts  possess a natural ability to articulate information in a well thought of manner, since they are highly empathetic and intuitive. In fact, their interest in connecting authentically with people through in-depth conversations gives them an edge over extroverts.

Myth #3: Introverts are not good salespeople

Truth: Many people associate being a good salesperson with being extremely talkative and outgoing, to the extent that many employers might refrain from hiring anyone with an introverted personality in sales. However, what many people fail to see is that introverts carry a golden trait that is often understated, which is the ability to listen. Introverts are excellent at pinpointing and understanding the client’s needs because of their ability to sit back, observe and listen to what the client has to say.

Myth #4: Introverts are not good at networking

Truth: It is commonly known that extroverts are great at sparking conversations, but the bottom line of networking is much deeper than that. Turning quick small talk into meaningful relationships is what introverts excel at. Introverts might seem to be bad networkers at first due to their timid nature and their unwillingness to engage in chitchat; however, they have a great ability to build long term relationships and create deep connections.


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