Do you have an important presentation coming up? Are you dreading the aspect of standing in front of a large audience? It’s quite normal to feel nervous about giving a big presentation, especially if its in front of a huge group of people. Sometimes, there are a few things that you can add to your presentation that will definitely make the process easier. Here are a few tips that can help you give better presentations even when you hate public speaking:

 Start Off By Telling A Story

Do you ever start your presentation and immediately worry that your audience will get bored? When you start off your presentation with a story, you’ll definitely grab your audience’s attention. Studies actually prove that people will more likely contribute in a presentation that’s started off with a story they can relate to, rather than a bunch of hard facts and statistics.

Establish Your Credibility Early On

If you want your audience to feel engaged in your presentation, you must establish your credibility. How? You can present facts and figures using graphs or charts that will support your case. You must make sure that your content is relevant to the audience, and that they come from reliable sources. Establishing credibility isn’t just about presenting facts; it’s also about your external behavior. If your stance isn’t appropriate or if you’re avoiding eye contact, your audience won’t feel like you’re confident enough to give the presentation, and as a result, they won’t trust you.

State The Goal of The Presentation

We all know how sometimes presentations make us ramble on and on, and eventually, digress off topic. You should probably opt for sharing the goal of your presentation early on, just to put your audience in the loop. When you don’t state the goal of the presentation, chances are your audience will misunderstand the purpose, and lose interest halfway through.

Use Visual Aids

Visual aids will enhance your presentation in ways you can’t even imagine. Visual aids such as pictures, videos, and booklets will ensure that your audience will retain the information that you’re trying to share, as well as keep them interested. If you’re trying to illustrate a point, visual aids can help you explain a complex concept. In addition, make sure that your slides aren’t jammed with paragraphs and information. Try to add pictures on your slides and use notecards to keep track of important points you want to discuss. Keep in mind that you will have to practice your presentation a few times in order to feel more confident and in control.

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