Are you an employee, a manager, or a CEO who’s usually in charge of leading meetings? Meeting rooms are probably the most dreaded rooms in the office. It’s where you’ll most likely find employees doodling on their notepads, zoning out the window, or playing Candy Crush on their phones. But that’s not just it. Sometimes, meeting usually drag on and on, with no direct purpose. Are you tired of poorly organized and utterly boring meetings? Akhtaboot – the career network shares with you a few tips that can probably change the way you’ll start leading your meetings:
Make Them Short
Lets get this straight; nobody enjoys long meetings. Not even the ones conducting the meeting. Keeping the meeting short and right to the point will keep your meetings productive and efficient. The moment the meeting zones out of purpose, employees will start to lose focus and interest. The more specific your meetings are, the more attentive your attendees will be. Think of your meeting like a departing train; try to set specific times and durations for meetings that don’t exceed the time limit. Or else, your attendees might begin to wish they were on a departing train themselves!
Offer Incentives and Awards
If you want to make your meetings more engaging and interesting, then try to create a positive association with meetings. The awards don’t need to be fancy; they could be as simple as offering food or treats. Incentives are always motivating, and will definitely give the attendees a reason to engage and get involved in conversations. If you want your team members to be more involved in the meeting, then you can think of ways for rewarding them for attending.
Take It Outside
If you’re scheduled to lead an interview with only a few of your team members, then maybe you can opt for taking it outside of the boardroom. You can always consider conducting your meetings at a quiet café, or even outdoors. A change of scenery can really excite your team members to attend the meeting. With more excited attendees, you can definitely ensure that everyone will feel more engaged and attentive throughout the meeting.
Keep It Relevant For Everyone There
Sometimes, meetings usually involve people who don’t necessarily have to be there. So what you’ll have are a few people who are constantly checking their phones for the time, clearly signifying they’d rather do something more productive instead. If you’re about to conduct a meeting, make sure that everyone who’s attending can contribute and participate in the meeting’s discussions. This way, instead of having a quiet room of disinterested attendees, you’ll have a room of people engaging in the topic you’re discussing.