You probably haven’t given much thought about the items that are always found on your desk. You might find things such as gum wrappers and half filled coffee mugs – but have you really thought about what you should keep on your desk? In order to produce your best work, you have to make sure that your work area is well thought of. Here are a few things that you should always opt to keep on your desk:

A Phone Charger

Are you always using your phone to call clients? Are you expecting an important phone call? Do you find your phone’s battery life draining throughout the day? The last thing you’d want is to go on a scavenger hunt around the office asking your coworkers if they have an extra phone charger that you can borrow. So if you don’t want to be thrown out into the wilderness – you should always opt for keeping a portable phone charger on your desk!

A Water Bottle

When you feel like you need an extra boost of energy at work, do you usually head to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee? But did you know that one of the signs of dehydration is being sleepy and tired? So instead of going for another cup of coffee, keep a water bottle at your desk, and you’ll notice how different you’ll feel when you’re drinking more water and less coffee. Drinking water won’t only boost your energy; it can also speed up your metabolism (So it’s a win-win really)


If your work environment is extremely quiet, and you’re working on editing a few videos, or watching a video your manager recommended to you, then you should definitely invest in headphones. Sometimes wearing a set of headphone will also send the message that you’re engrossed with your work and you do not wish to be disturbed. (But make sure you’re not intentionally using it as a way to avoid your coworkers!)

A Notepad

Did you know that Bill Gates kept post-its all over his desk? Although technology has taken over and many of us prefer saving our notes on our iPhones, sometimes keeping an actual notepad on your desk can be more efficient. You can always use your notepad to write down your messages, your tasks for the day, lengthy memos or any other reminders.


Ernest Hemingway used to always keep a plate of fruit on his desk. Now you don’t necessarily need to do the same, but keeping some healthy snacks on your desk can definitely be helpful when you’re going through that afternoon slump and you need an extra boost of energy. When you feed your body, you will definitely feed your brain as well, which as a result, will definitely boost your work productivity.

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