We learn a lot from the courses we take at college. The courses we take, the projects we work on, and the exams we undertake will definitely help prep us for the real world, yet believe it or not, there are a few job skills that you wont learn in college. Sometimes, your job can greatly help you build on the skills that you already acquired throughout college. Here are a few job skills that you won’t learn in college:

Working With People

Working with your friends on a group project is quite different from working with your coworkers. In the working environment, you have to learn how to cope with different people and with different personalities. The way you work with your coworkers will differ significantly from working with your manager. In college, you won’t learn how people from all generations and positions operate. You might be familiar with your peers, which might make working on a project a breeze for you. However, when you pick up a job, it will be a completely different story. Your manager might shoot down your ideas, your coworkers might take offense if you question their work, and you will need to learn how to work with every single one of them.

Handling Feedback

Getting a C on a tough exam might put you down for a while, but you know you have another chance to bump up your grade for the next exam. However, in the real world, things roll around quite differently. You don’t receive grades at work, but you will most definitely will receive feedback. Your superiors will definitely give you feedback, and its probably going to be all the time. There are no C students or A students at the office – everyone is obliged to perform their best, and constantly display their peak efforts.


Do you remember the last time you pulled an all-nighter at college? Or the last time you crammed all night for a tough exam? Of course, it all required persistence. But you know that at some point, you won’t have to pull an all-nighter the next day, and the pressure on you will blow over. Yet its nothing compared to the persistence you will need in the professional world. Picking your self up after rejection letters, powering through the interview processes, and landing your dream job will not only require persistence, but perseverance and tenacity. Persistence is key when you’re working all the time in the office. Sometimes you need to power through a tough assignment, or working overtime. Your persistence will be tested in many ways, and that is how you will prove yourself as a dedicated and hard working employee.


In the real world, you wont get the chance to choose your courses, or plan your working schedule. You have to turn up to work everyday, and as a result, your responsibilities will extend beyond being punctual. You have to to meet deadlines and hold yourself accountable for all your work; especially since your work will most likely affect others. As a result, in the real world, responsibility is the real deal.

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