Whether you’re an employee, a freelancer, or self-employed, working from home is quite different from working at the office. Working from home can be distracting, especially if your house is buzzing with children, noise, and activity. So how can you turn working from home into a successful experience? As a career network, we decided to share four tips that can help you increase your work productivity at home:
Set Your Working Hours
First of all, you should create a workday routine, just as you would at the office. Start off by setting your working hours and creating a schedule. When you abide by a schedule, you’ll structure your day and ensure that you won’t be slacking off. Make sure you set your working hours at a time where you operate best and when you’re full of energy. Once you create a workday routine, make sure you commit to it, and you’ll notice how your work productivity will increase.
Separate and Optimize Your Work Space
It’s quite easy to get distracted at home. Whether you have a big family, a number of younger siblings, pets, or loud neighbors – you must separate your workspace from any distracting surroundings. You must inform your family or friends to give you some space to work, and not disturb you until you’re done with your scheduled working hours. By making this clear, you’ll have the time and space to get your work mode on and focus solely on your tasks. If you have your own office at home, or a desk you usually work on, make sure you optimize them to include everything that you need from pens, paper, documents you may need, or any devices you may need to get your work done.
Take Breaks
Even though you’re working at home, you shouldn’t just work flat out without any breaks. Your brain will need time to recuperate, which is why you should schedule breaks in-between your working hours. Your breaks don’t need to take any particular form. Whether you’re taking a break to have lunch, stretch, play with your kids, or listen to some music, make sure that your break has invigorated you with the needed energy to continue working on your tasks.
Stay Connected
It’s crucially important to remain connected with your colleagues or manager when you’re working from home. If you’re constantly isolating yourself, your work productivity will deteriorate. Which is why we advice you to keep your colleagues or direct manager updated on your work, tasks, or assignments. When you’re regularly reporting and communicating with them, you’re going to get the opportunity to hear their feedback on your work. For instance, they may bring a few things to your attention, such as a mistake you’ve made that completely slipped your notice, or a new project that your team is working on.