Do you feel stuck at your current job? Are you contemplating a career change? If you’re unhappy and facing several crossroads with your current field then it might be time to move into a new one. Changing career paths is a life-changing decision that many job seekers seem to face. If you’ve decided to change your career, then there are a few mistakes that you should avoid making before you transition onto a new path. For these reasons, Akhtaboot shares four career change mistakes that you must avoid:
Not Developing a Financial Plan That Supports Your Transition
Developing a financial plan is crucial for success. Many career-changers make the mistake of not developing a financial plan that effectively supports their transition to a new field. If you don’t have the funds to make the change that you want, then your transitioning plan will definitely fail. Start off by doing solid research and explore the changes that you want to make with a financial expert or consultant. If you don’t have the financial capability to transition, then you can opt for lowering your expenses and saving up, borrowing some money from a trustworthy source, or wait until you start to earn more.
Don’t Go Back To School Unless You’ve Done a “Test-Drive”
We all know how a university degree plays a huge role in the career path that you want to take. Before you make the switch, you must make sure that you’ve done a ‘’test-drive’’ first. The last thing you’d want is to enter a new field only to realize halfway that you don’t like it. Before opting for a new degree, you must make sure that you’re on the right path. You can always volunteer or take up an internship program in the field of your interest. This will help you gain more insight about whether or not you’re making the right decision of changing your career path.
Making a Career Change For Someone Else
Are you changing your career path because a friend of yours is doing great in a certain industry? Or are you changing your career because someone close to you thinks you should? Changing your career is no walk in the park – especially If you don’t like the field that you are transitioning to. Just because your friends are doing great in a certain industry, does not necessarily mean that you will succeed in it too. For these reasons, if you’re making a career change, don’t make it for someone else; make it because it suits your skills, capabilities and interests.
Giving Up Too Easily
A thorough career change needs time, effort, and dedication. Don’t expect to transition into a new field overnight. You might encounter multiple obstacles on the way, but you should never let it stifle your ambitions. Keep pushing forward and never give up half way through. Many of the people who have successfully advanced in their careers have experienced multiple stumbling blocks along the way, but never gave up too easily.