Would you apply for your dream job, even if you’re not qualified enough for it? If you find yourself in such a position then you have two choices: you can either go for it and apply for the job, or wait until you’ve got the right experience. The truth is, if you wait it out, you might actually miss out on a great opportunity. Cynthia Shapiro a career strategist states, “If you’ve got 51% of what they’re looking for, you should proudly send your resume in,” Are you intrigued enough to apply for that job now? There is, however, a major difference between being under qualified and unqualified. You can always apply for a job that you’re under qualified for, but don’t waste your time if you’re completely unqualified. Here’s how to tell when you should apply a job:
You Are Sure You Can Get The Job Done
If you don’t meet all the requirements, but you are certain that you can get the job done, then you should feel comfortable enough to apply for it. If you already have a certain skill that can compensate for the lack of another skill, then you should brace this opportunity, especially when you have the capacity to learn new skills and do whatever it takes to meet the necessary requirements.
You Can Add Value to The Position
If you know that you have a certain skill or talent that can definitely add value to the position, then don’t hesitate to apply for the job. Sometimes, employers are willing to overlook the fact that you lack a certain qualification, if you have the skills required for the job. If you feel like you can add something new to the team with some useful skills that you have cultivated over time, then you should definitely try and apply for the job.
You Can Bridge the Gaps
If a job position entails that you have a certain skill or requirement, you can always identify other skills or experiences that will help you create a balanced footing. For instance, if a job position requires that you have professional management skills, you can always bridge the gap by mentioning how you managed a certain charity event, which helped you build on your management skills.
You Can Acquire Skills Quickly
If you have at least 70% of the skills demanded for the job position, but you can prove that you can quickly acquire the necessary skills quickly, then you should apply for the job. Saying that you’re able to learn new skills is not enough; you must be able to prove it. If there are skills that you don’t have, enroll in classes or training courses that can help you pick up these skills. Mention examples that prove how you managed to learn a new skill quickly, and how you later grew to excel at it.