Are you nervous about asking your employer for a raise? Do you feel like your hard work calls for a promotion? Lets be honest here: asking for a raise can be a very stressful and intimidating position to put yourself in. If you’re starting to feel like you are long overdue for a raise, then it might be time to have an honest conversation with your manager. For these reasons, Akhtaboot highlights a few helpful tips for you:
Focus on why you deserve it, and not why you need it.
Before you buckle up the courage and ask your manager for a raise, you have to work on the case that you’re going to present. The number one rule is to not sound greedy or desperate. Many employees argue that they need a raise to keep up with their life expenses, completely ignoring the fact that employers give raises due to performance, and not for personal reasons. Focus on your performance and work productivity. Express how your hard work has made a great impact on the company. Finally, work on presenting all the viable reasons why you to deserve a promotion and stick to presenting solid, quantifiable facts.
Do your research
You can’t confront your manager with your case if you haven’t done your research. You have to know the salary of a typical employee in your field, so you can see if you’re earning less in comparison to others.  Sometimes co-workers would feel hesitant about revealing their current salaries, so you can always opt for getting your information from published resources, reliable websites, or governmental data. Next, if there’s a specific position that you have in mind, you have to demonstrate why you are qualified enough for it. Give examples on how you’ve managed projects or tasks that have helped you become a better fit for the position you are asking for.
Choose the right time
Now that you’ve decided to go ahead and ask for a raise, you must choose the right time. We all know that timing is everything. When asking for a raise, the last thing you want to do to come off as pushy. So what indicates if it’s the right time to ask for a raise? The first indication is when your boss is in a good mood. The second indication is when everyone else is getting a raise. The third indication is when you have been approached with an offer from a different company that is willing to offer a higher salary.
Practice your pitch
It’s preferable to rehearse the conversation and practice what you want to say before you address your superior regarding your request for a raise. By being well-prepared, you will anticipate their response, and feel confident enough to answer their questions.