We all know that your talent, skills and education are all essential requirements for you to get a job. But when you meet people for the first time, the first thing they take notice of is your appearance. Your appearance plays a big role in increasing your chances of employment. Appearance is all about your style, elegance and personal hygiene.   For these reasons, Akhtaboot the career network highlights some important points that every job candidate should keep in mind:

You Will Be Judged Based on Your Appearance

Interviewers form a first impression of you from the moment you enter the room. You will be evaluated on many things and your appearance will be one of them. The way you look can affect the interviewer’s attitude towards you during the hiring process. Use your appearance as an opportunity to outshine other candidates, and to increase your chances in getting the job.

How to Dress For an Interview

It’s very important to look professional when attending an interview; so try to dress formally even if it wasn’t required. For men, opt for a dark suit, a light colored shirt, and a tie. As for women, make sure that you’re wearing something simple and conservative. Colors are also very important, so choose neutral colors such as black, white, blue, brown or grey. When it comes to accessories, try not to over-do it, and it’s very important to follow the rule “less is more”. Women should tone it down on makeup, perfume, and accessories. As for men, wearing a watch should be enough.

Appearance Differs Based on the Position

Every job position has its own requirements, and your appearance is one of them. If the job requires customer interaction, then the way you look is very important. In addition, you should also be tactful and diplomatic when answering interview questions. Body language such as your posture, eye contact, and hand gestures can also contribute to creating a great first impression of you.